January 23, 2014

Reviewing... [52] Harry Potter Series got some 5*'s (mini-reviews)

Amy Bookworm rated HP3-5:
I wrote this & rated them in 2013. Whoop.

5*'s? Or some 5.5*'s. Or some, knock-all-the-books-off-the-shelves. Actually, the Harry Potter books live on the brother's shelves so it would be wrong to say that. No, they didn't really mess up my shelves but I was engrossed & I prioritized review copies only in the posting of those reviews first. I read these ages ago & reviewed 3 which I'm posting here. It was some personal achievement that I could review them, after thousands. I just wanted to.
You may care to hear my opinions as I kinda fangirled & you guys love to fangtirl & discuss books. Why don't we discuss eternal HP love, assuming you have some? Just say whatever you want to say or show me GIFs. GIFs *eyes light up*
Can you get a GIF for that? Let's seeeee...

No seriously, according to google images, this is eyes lighting up. NO, it's blinking.
Exaggerated blinking where her eyelids really do go up & then... BAM. Down.
Conclusion: You can't. But people actually make blinking GIFs. To teach people how to blink.
It’s kinda harder than I predicted to review Harry Potter. Or at least, the whole series. What hasn’t been said? With any luck, what I’m about to say. These books are above reviews. Sure, reviews made a difference to them sometime. Probably. For the first few books. But surely, a lot of people have read them & don’t review? Yet, I was gonna be different. Hence why, for the first two, I thought outside the box. For a long time. I spent more time than was sensible thinking how I could write posts there’s a chance people would want to read. What did I come up with? Some nice posts.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone & Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ... See what I do for J.K. Rowling? Jokes, it's not for her. It may have lasted more time if she'd read them, don't ya think? IT LASTED TWO BOOKS.
Review was stretched. For no good reason. I just wanted to share my opinion & I was hoping people would listen. I’ve hit a dead end.
Almost all I want to say is: "MORE HARRY! I read some Harry Potter. I watched some Harry Potter. I love it. They’re amazing books. People should read them. Soon. Not like I did. But at least I did... eventually". I can turn such thoughts into mini-reviews (I hope).
So yeah, I decided, less creatively, to just discuss & go crazy and NOT bother with those posts I don't even think anyone read.

So here goes...
Which one was better of...?

BTW, do you prefer the old UK covers or the US covers? I'm not sure entirely, somehow we had the US kindle/audiobook editions so the cover was different to the paper books we had (some hardcover, some paperback FYI). But those ^^ are the original UK editions & I dunno... I feel like posting those ones. A tiny part of me prefers their realism. The US? Some part of me doesn't although they automatically pop up on the GR.

Back to books.
Reviewing... [52]
3,4&5. I think Prisoner Of Azkaban is the best, out of the first four.
Compared to 1&2 as well. They have the BEST Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher in this book. C’mon, who doesn’t love a werewolf who knows his stuff in a not particularly geeky way? He’s nice too! Lupin is just awesome!
The generosity with chocolate really helps. He’s a new character. Unlike, just about everyone else. Harry... Well, he blows up certain people. I wonder what Hermione would have said if he'd have targeted Crookshanks? Anyway, he didn’t get in that much trouble! I have no doubt if he had targeted that (not so innocent) cat, however...
This book puts a little more weight on friendship & personally, I find I'm invested in several people's story, not just Harry's. For starters, I was dying to know how Hermione was managing such a stuffed timetable! But typical her... I also got to know & feel for Neville even more now... Harry is just so damn lucky. And Ron, he’s not as lucky really... He’s still loveable & gets away with almost as much as the scarred buddy of his.
This was the better than the first two as drama wasn't entirely left to the end in the same extreme! I found it crazily hooking... also, Dementor swag! :D Enough said about Book 3 now, right?

I have to review the next two as well.

Book 4 was just... amazing, as well. I don’t think anybody could mark it with the flaws I’ve thought applied to Book 1 & 2. Drama was seen throughout. Fantastic character development and a lot more... Voldermort. I think he’s stopped caring about Harry’s education. Once again, though, Harry & exams don’t happen. Why can’t normal children get to skip them, too? Obviously, Hogwarts’ students are supposed to be getting on with other competitors & students from other schools. There’s the French lot whose headmistress seems big-boned... maybe even bigger than Hagrid! And there’s also the bad-seeming lot who would probably join Voldermort the first chance they got. Apart from the fact there Headmaster is such a traitor & almost everyone hates him. Yeah, Durmstrang aren’t the most likeable... Ask Hermione though and...
Once again, poor Ron, anyway. I’m seriously in love with him (but not like he’s a book boyfriend, I just love all the characters... especially my lovely Hufflepuffs, like Cedric... I literally. Nope, not gonna even go there. But I promise you, you’ll root for him too. He’s less perfect than Harry but that makes him *whispers* better.), and the story. I hate some of the events but I don’t think it can be changed. The book wouldn’t be as powerful, either. I’ve started to really be enchanted by Rowling’s writing. It’s like the best prose. Or one of them. I know in some ways it's simple & not the most YA-suitable (not normal) but it grabs you with its detail &... its event.
I think Lupin could possibly (but won’t, curses!) be invited back. If I become headmistress he’s back on the staff. Whether the Malfoy madder-than-mad-eye Crew kick up a fuss or not. Draco would be better at Durmstrang, anyway. I somehow hate his family even more. I’ve always hated them a lot. I mean, what’s there deal with the Weasley’s? They’re a MUCH BETTER family.
There’s so much adventure in this epic sequel to 3 other Harry Potter books ;) Now, get your butterbeer brewing & sit down with the books. NOW. Pick them up. Read them. Adore them. Fangirling also recommended is what I say ;) *hint* Tissues, too? *sobs dramatically*

BUT I must...
tell you about...
what I think about...

Before I start, can I just mention how Books 1-4 were a lot easier to lug around that the largest of the lot... Order Of The Phoenix.

 I already loved Phoenixes, I mean I’m not entirely sure I’d trade Caleb for one but can’t I have a mythical pet and a cat? I mean, c’mon. What wouldn’t be to like with that? Fine. If you won’t allow me that, put a bumper size pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans AND all the chocolate frogs in with Fawkes’ arrival package. *regretfully hands over Caleb* I still think he’s a better cat than Crookshanks, so maybe Hermione wants him? *sobs again* BTW, you’ll be sobbing if you continue reading & don’t expect spoilers. I’ve already mentioned heaps of stuff. It should be common knowledge but well... Let me off. It’s HARRY FRICKIN’ POTTER which I eventually read.

Do I need to tell you how deep my love for Harry Potter has now become? I mean, now adventure is like year round. The things that Harry experiences, it’s a mixed cauldron. If he had to make a potion with his life, it would look so good even Snape couldn’t complain.
WHO IS A DEATHEATER. Yeah, even Snape who is- kind of. He eats death... Nope, still don't understand that name. It wouldn't be my choice but what would I call them? Dementors is a much cooler word. In this book, we can call him that. And traitor. Let me not really like him now. Why be a double agent? Some people think he's the BEST. Snape, your favourite character? You must really hate Harry. Their arguments, ALL the time. I get a little bad of that but that's all...
These characters are some of the most developed, dynamic characters to hit the pages EVER. I suppose there’s not many 7-book series. I’m loving seeing them grow up & the books change. Really, lots of authors have kinda, probably, learnt from J.K. Rowling & if not she’s the one who did it first. A YA book which was a hit with interesting, changing characters who are really tangible (well, almost that realistic. There is the wizarding bit...). It really makes me have some kind of reverend awe to these books & who wouldn’t respect J.K. Rowling? 90% of people probably love Harry Potter & its one of the only books where I have no qualms in saying: it deserves the hype. So I shall leave it there, if I may. It deserves it.

NOW: your turn.
Does Harry Potter not deserve discussion? Look into my eyes... Looking into them? Yes, they're telling you to... 3-2-1. COMMENT! :D

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