July 04, 2013

Reviewing... [31] Far Out

As you no doubt know by now I've not had my laptop for over a week now... You MUST cry over spilt coffee as you know what this has meant? Yes, you do. You know my blogging has been affected, my fangirling too (I can't GIF as adequately with a kindle). But here is a GIF, not because my laptop is fixed- it's not, it has to have a replacement keyboard- but because the family computer has been free for little snippets (ie. when my brother has been away). I really do think you'll still see me around but I can't predict when, just how... It either involves my kindle or blackmailing my brother & I'm coping :P

But here's a review & a lil' bit about what I did before I realized the effects of coffee on laptop keyboards.

Far Out stands out because y'know, the title says it all... Lil' far out, or something... That river ain't even connected to the mainstream *dramatic arm gestures* WHAT MIGHT BE OUT THERE... far, far out? (loc 1073). Oh My... It's a GR quiz, although you all know I'm more of a poll person addict it's still pretty cool. I got 9/10 as I didn't know what Saffron's favourite colour was :P Tip: try & remember that.
Personally I think Saffron's favourite colour should be ginger. I'm biased as hell.

Reviewing... [31]

Source: Received for review.Author: Fiona Faith RossRecommended for: Herbalists. Or people who like nice shampoo. Wow, I'm... helpful.

Now on to the book (I'm getting there, and not reviewing the 'Far Out Tumblr'). The premise was intriguing but I'll admit it didn't sound really 'far out' or unique. It is.
Themes run through which involve flower language/herbs, a subject which I have never seen touched in such an enlightening but not overwhelming way. OK, I've never seen it mentioned in any books either but it a nice element. 'Far Out' had many areas in which there was a large quantity of action; these bits were fast-paced but calm was never too far away. The story is more complex than a novel bouncing between calm and action and this isn't the only contrast. There's hippie's but they have nothing to do with the method of communication which is "thoughts"... Technology rules and global warming has turned England into outdoor swimming pool weather (I imagine, none were mentioned). It may have been set in a slum. Funnily enough the world was built strongly but the chalets and caravans never felt like the worst place to be or the worst of it all... Sure, the setting was realized but it seemed like help was never far away in the slums. The opinion I'm trying to express is basically that there wasn't a lot of conflict. I'm not saying there has to be a spartan society but I expected to see motives and perhaps something more bleak whereas what I saw was the result of a blend of the coming-of-age plot and a place where high hopes exist.
Saffron did obtain knowledge of herself and she definitely wasn't cut out to be a heroine. In all truth, she was too self-focused and reacted in such bizarre ways (in my opinion). For example, how many teenage protagonist's wet themselves? Saffron wasn't even in a particularly frightening scenario & there she was, completely erasing her dignity & she hadn't even needed the toilet.
So, do slums not have diaper's?

I think I should have more sympathy for her but I don't have a spare spine to hand! I really wanted to like her as I know she was a nice person and was finding herself but boy, I had a critical response for her.
All I could think was that Nate really should have bought her some... She's almost 18! Her reactions aren't always pathetic but I wouldn't call her brave. She's not witty, not rough around the edges, not depressed, she doesn't hyperventilate or feel queasy so my empathising was really not surfacing. She seemed to have a bit of a wide-eyed "delicate" personality which didn't really appeal to me.
Even if Saffron didn't seem realistic to me most of 'Far Out' was realistic. The technology was believable and the society had turmoil for a reason even if it isn't crystal clear, perplexing history is better than absence of how it came to be which is why I think the world building was established boldly.

Far Out is an vivid, unusual tale with successful world-building which makes it a fairly super read.

But even so, Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated this book:


Seaweed Slum said...

Thank you Amy B. A review from my 'real' market place. Terrifying for an author but it has to be done. :0. I appreciate your taking the trouble to do it. It's a thorough analysis and will give me ideas for the follow up. You give a lot of food for thought. That's great.

Zoe Crook said...

So sorry about your laptop, Amy :( I'd hate to have spilled coffee on mine! Thanks for The Lion King GIF though, we appreciate it ;)

It's a shame that Saffron didn't seem realistic but at least the rest of the make was better. Great review!

AwesomeAmy said...

@Fiona: Crazy market, us! I'm just glad I got to review it and sorry for any wobbles I may have caused ;) You know it's a good little book though so it's perfectly reasonable that you could defend it! If it gave you ideas & will affect the sequel I'm so happy! It's not the first time it's happened, especially between indie's & their readers... I remember the first time I realized that & boy, it made me want to review for YOU (as in all indie's), not just my blog's readers as such.

@Zoe: I forgot to let you know it's now home! Yesterday I used it for like 2-3 hours, it would've been the perfect time for you to moan about Nano but I guess it's going good- any historical aspect? This doesn't; is a lot more Geographical should I say... Human type- it does give you a message about society & you should really like it! I'm glad you like my GIF's- they are properly coming back now- I had some scheduled but you know... Not a lot! I think I should go schedule some. Want to get a moan in before I do? Thanks for stopping by!

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