August 05, 2013

Book Blogger Confessions (#9): Vlogging

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So, if you want to participate here's the meme question for August 5th. You can participate any day in this following fortnight (or maybe any day throughout the month, I suggest you check out the host's blogs above!) Yes, this week I suggested the question so you kinda have to participate (jokes! But I do!)

Vlogging. Have you ever vlogged (video blogging)? Why or why not? What do think makes for an interesting vlog? How does a book review vlog compare to a written review in your opinion? What are few of your favorite book review/author vlogs? 

So many are vlogging these days. It seems like my twitter friends, people I may have met on YouTube & just random people, bookish or not, are all talking about this massive thing. It's so hyped, and it seems like I've discovered a love for Vlogging too. Wait, I should just say vloggers. I admit to finding the bookish equivalent, we know them as BookTubers, through the non-bookish, such as Charlieissocoollike. There are numerous others, some I've abandoned as I find bookish ones more interesting & others, like Charlie, who I still like to see grow & give me some food for thought which competes against my BookTube followings. So, I love many vloggers.
BookTube has a special place in my heart. After being introduced to this community on YouTube through the mainstream lot, who may vlog about anything else (Charlie still being a prime example, I love that guy) I... well, I'm here. Yes, that's right, for those of you who don't know (and didn't see in my latest Liebster's), I was inspired by vlogging. As you know, I don’t mean I vlogged. I haven't & I don't think I will (don't say I owe it to them, I don't- I think it'd wreck it for me... maybe). Anyway, these BookTubers often had goodreads (I mean that makes sense, lots of book lovers do... I didn't know that then). I suppose I’d been a referral from google many a time as I sometimes googled bookish things and it’d direct me there even for quotes! I didn’t realize much about it until I signed up, followed these vloggers, started reviewing, doing other stuff & ended up finding out about the non-video equivalent. I liked those reviews too and the blogs were a good idea so... hey, presto! I wish I could say a certain blogger did but really it was a journey which took months & eventually I blogged myself, not understanding quite the size of the community just knowing that I’d seen some pop up here & there. Now I know the truth ;)
Do you know how long it took to review? I actually started with an audio review because I was like, "I can get that close". It may happen again (I mean never again since Dec 2012 sounds pretty bad), but if I'm honest I hated my voice. Imagine what my anxiety would be if I allowed the internet to see my face as well! I'm not going to do that to myself, sorry...

But look at that audio review (not related to the GIF). How does it compare? Does it? I think it's very different! It's not actually comparable to me, though it might be to you. Especially as they both are opinions on books. Some people prefer to read, some prefer to hear & I've come to realize although I like both if the vlogger has a written one as well, some work twice as hard, then I'll read. It's not because it's necessarily quicker (ie. less rambling on paper/screen, you can ramble on a normal post as you know I can) but just because... well, it seems to sometimes sink in better. I might come back to it later... Vloggers are here for now, and very popular, but I think many are rooted in this traditional way of blogging. Even me, one of the 1990's generation.
So, can we please have both? Please can I continue to read & watch reviews depending on what I need at that type? Can I watch or view book hauls (interesting note: vloggers don't always link but I view this as a must or I'm unlikely to watch the haul... linking, or lack of, doesn't matter as much to me as I can just copy into google but for vlogs?!) as well? How about bookshelf tours? Content which exists on both, as far as I know. I can't yet think of stuff only vloggers do but they do everything a blogger might, apart from (I haven't seen any but correct me if I'm wrong) blog tours. Do blog tours accept vloggers? If vloggers are interested, they should be allowed! It's a changing world where names who don't pen their thoughts for the internet are household names, probably.
Heard of Charlie? I bet! That's the only non-book vlogger I shall mention but a ton exist. Some bloggers, or authors, do one-off's but they are not going to be know for vlogging.
booksandquills is. getbookish is. heyheybooks is. Do you need more? OK, Katytastic, PippityBop, sandraareads, thereadables, thestorysiren, virtualbookshelves... I can't mention them all, all probably 100 of them (some I watch regularly, others am just subscribed cos they deserve it as I've watched a few in this past, say, year) :P There's a lot! Lot of my blogger friends vlog too. They aren't necessarily at 1000 subscribers or something, but some are.
It's a revolution. I hope this post will stick with you. It may come in handy. Especially as now you know what vlogging is, and my opinions of it... (Sorry I didn't include many GIF's, I'm sorry that I'm not in an especially GIFy mood).


Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

I completely agree with your thoughts! I don't know how on earth I would cope with me being on the would scare me...and I hate the sound of my voice..
By the way, I loved reading your about me page! It was really good1 I'm a bad liar as well... :D

Roberta R. said...

It's great that vloggers have someway inspired you to become a book blogger. I prefer the written page though...not only because English is an acquired language for me, but also because the written word is my favourite media ever...nothing compares to that...

Reem Ibrahim said...

Ha! I wouldn't feel comfortable vlogging either, but maybe I'll give it a try. I only know Kaytastic from the people you mentioned. Guess I need to do some BookTube research.

Midnyte Reader said...

I had never heard of BookTubers! How cool! I will have to check all those sites out that you mentioned as well. I think there is definitely room for both vlogs and blogs. It's a big internet after all!

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