August 03, 2013

Book Promo [#12.5] (Character Interview edition) Reaper's Rhythm Blog Tour w/ Giveaway

Today, we have two gingers on the blog. Honestly, this isn't a picture of me... You can see that our guest is much more prettier, she's absolutely stunning & I'm so jealous! So, yes. This is our second guest, one of the characters of Reaper's Rhythm.

Here's something which looks different to normal (slightly)...

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RELEASED 26th July 2013!

Reaper’s Rhythm is a young adult urban fantasy, with a large dash of mystery set in modern day England...


Amy: Welcome, wonderful guests... You’re not the first and you’re not the last *lowers voice and speaks to cameras* to leave here with secrets spread like butter... Or should I say UKYA? No, secrets are so much easier to share. *gives attention back  to Kimberly, and cameras zoom into her face* Don’t you think you have some secrets to share? Not that I want you to spill them yet otherwise there would be nothing to, well, anticipate... *smiles* 

After an awkward pause where Amy doesn't witness a flinch from today's guest, she asks: For the readers, tell us your name (or nickname) & where you call home in 20 words or less.
Kimberly Welles, but I’ve always been Kim. Except to Dad, who insists on calling me Kimmie. I’m from Lancaster, UK.
(Counts on fingers) Hah! Exactly twenty words. (Smiles) 

*high fives Kim* What do you see yourself doing in 10 years, Kimmie?  *surrenders as she refers to the pet name in a good-natured, jokey way*
Oh, God. I don’t know. Mum and Dad expect me to go to uni, so that’ll take me until I’m 21. I’m sure I’ll get a job, maybe settle down. Possibly have kids. Is twenty-six too young to have kids? I really haven’t thought that far ahead. Unlike my sister, Charley, who knew exactly what she wanted to do, I don’t have a clue. 
The cover and the other images displayed
here are credited to Bramasta Aji.

Ahh... Pick one physical feature and one character trait which you would love to get rid of/alter. Why? 
Hmmm… I used to hate my hair. Mum and Charley are blond, Dad and Chris are brunettes and then there’s me, stuck in the middle with auburn hair. I don’t look like anyone else in my family (no milk man jokes, please. I know things are rough between my parents, but Mum would never have cheated on Dad).  

Auburn is pretty awesome, then again I share it with quite a few people in my family... If you could have only one of your five senses... *dramatic pause* which would you keep? 
My sight, probably. I’m not much of a fan of the dark, so I don’t think I’d cope if I couldn’t see anything.  

What is the greatest lesson you've learned in your life? 
All sixteen years of it? (Grins). Everyone has secrets. That’s kind of depressing, isn’t it? *grimaces* Thinking that everyone is hiding something from someone. I used to prefer Charley’s lesson, which was to have no regrets. Except you can’t really live like that, can you? 

I suppose not... She sounds inspiring! *nods enthusiastically and tries not to squeal* Are you inspired by teachers? Which one has inspired you the most… Why? 
My Chemistry teacher, Miss Jenkins. She’s brilliant. She’s got so much enthusiasm for teaching, her subject and her pupils. She always comes up with daft jokes to introduce topics and puts silly little drawings on her PowerPoint slides to keep us on our toes. 

If teachers aren’t dreamy enough for you, I don’t think Miss Jenkins will be, describe your dream girl/boy. *wiggles eyebrows, while acting jealous*
I don’t care what they look like, but they need to be someone who is there for me, who I can confide in and who’ll be able to understand me. Is that really soppy? I haven’t got a clue where I’ll meet them. Probably not in school, because most of the boys I go to school with are immature and selfish. At uni, maybe? 

Do you like “bad boys” (as in not just the villain... the one who may just have skewy intentions)?  
No. I mean, I thought I did at one point, but I really, really don’t. 

*suspicious look at Kim* Ohhkay... Do you believe in love at first sight? 
Again, no, but I used to. I think “love at first sight” is something that only happens in fiction. There’s no way you can fall in love with someone that quickly. How can you feel that deeply until you know what they’re really like? 
If you could meet ANYONE, who would it be?  
Marie Curie. I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a science geek (okay, maybe a geek in general). Wouldn’t it be amazing to meet the only woman to win a Nobel Prize for both Chemistry and Physics? (Coughs) Or maybe it’s just me. 

If you could have a dinner party with 5 fictional characters who would they be? At that dinner party who would you Kiss, Marry, Avoid or... *mimes dramatic slapping* SLAP, like that!
(Purses lips) Five fictional characters?
Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride and Prejudice. I’d slap her for taking so long to realise Mr. Darcy was the right man for her.
Ralph, from Lord of the Flies. He has such a rough time he deserves a hug. I’m not sure I’d go as far as kissing him!
Katniss Everdeen, although I’d probably be too scared of her to go anywhere near her. She’s so intense.
R, from Warm Bodies (after the end of the film). He’s so sweet, I might just marry him if he asked.
James Kirk from the Star Trek reboot. 

I would not avoid Katniss, myself. I’d want to just remain at that dinner party FOREVER. If you could freeze one moment in time, what would it be and why? *leans forward in seat and rests her chin on her hands with eagerness*
The last time I saw Charley, alive. I guess it doesn’t really need an explanation, does it? 

*leans back to grab a tissue and continues to keep her hands on her chin* I- I suppose that’s it! Any last words? 
Thanks for the chat, even if you did ask me some hard questions. I want to know which fictional characters you’d invite to dinner (winks). 

Oh, does Kim wonder that now? OK... I’d invite Zeba from Secrets, Lies & Locker 62 as well as Charlie from Perks, a few of the Benedict brothers, Peeta & Lizzie Holmes from the Jackie Chan Fan Club!... There you go, that's a little bonus, I feel like I have to give you one, being the penultimate stop (maybe that means the most awesome?) :P

Hope you enjoyed this post, specifically more than the first of this post (no comments though obviously some of you stopped by!), let me know what you think & please remember- I only feature books I (would/do) like myself, I don't expect you to read books I would not, hence why I only promote books occasionally.

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