August 08, 2013


Now, you may know what this is.
*waits for someone to shout out what it is*
Well, if you're taking part: Good luck. If you're not: Good luck hiding while we cry & try to hunt you down as well. GO THROUGH THIS CHALLENGE WITH US. The highs and the lows... So far (while writing the post to publish after starting but scheduling for Friday), I can mainly report HIGHS. Doesn't that make you want to join? No? Have I not described the challenges? *sighs*
Hello and welcome to a brave woman's blog... :P Or one of them crazy teen bloggers, maybe? XD I shall attempt to (and hopefully complete) all of the following challenges:

1. Read a book you’ve been meaning to read for ages and review on your blog (Diamond Thief, Monday 12th)

2. Read one recommendation and review it on your blog (Harry Potter #1) - half completed by 11th August, review scheduled for after challenge.

3. Write a paragraph in the POV of your favourite character and share (Share link to Charlie's Letters, typed after challenge but was handwritten before)

4. Read a book from each of these genres… (and you can do a few sentences for these on one post if you want instead of reviewing!) - Although there were a specific 4 they'd prefer you to do apparently reading 4 books which between them cover 4 different genres, or more, is sufficient! YAY! :D
Genre 1 - Steampunk - Diamond Thief (so yeah, I've been meaning to review this for longer than most of the other books on my TBR, other ones of the below count as all I've had on my TBR for several months, even if I didn't own them then XD I've just frankly decided to pick a selection of ones I should read first...) Review Above
Genre 2 - Fantasy - Harry Potter #1  (Well, I don’t know... maybe I've wanted to read this for a while :P About... a dozen or more people have recommended it & I will allow the book pushers to win today. Also, it's fantasy... possibly? Just maybe. Or are Wizards real? Definitely contemporary. Definitely)
Genre 3&4 - Dystopia and Romance - Outside (Romance? Dystopian? Plain & simple! Nice fact also: wanted to read since May/June) Review
Genre 2&5- Fantasy &/ Paranormal - The Screaming Staircase (Oh, my... it’s like a fantasy, paranormal thing... All I know is that & also it's for review... :P) Review

I'm also personally saying:
Well, let's start on Tuesday. The day before. This is your update on what I've done in preparation, did I set goals? You shall see (I might really like them, hehe...)

a) I looked through books.. So hard, what do I read? I have quite a lot of choice I'll say :P I decided on:

Even though I think they're good selections I've only started one so only one is concrete... You got me? I highly doubt I'll read more than 4 books in a two-week space. I'M NOT A MACHINE-AIDED READER :P I'm fueled by books sometimes but still, SLOW READER here.

b) Decided that thinking about books may've been prep, but seriously... I'll be doing a lot of this. 
*starts thinking about books in the random way; such is a trait of book bloggers*... Hopefully I won't waste too much time thinking about them except when it's helpful (ie. recommending books, reviewing & writing notes). I want to do LOTS of reading (strange, I know). These are things I do anyway but mentally, one should start preparing themselves for how INTENSE this will be & the preparing stage should be intense too... So thinking is fine. Oh & I thought I might as well read too...

c) This truly was my preparing. Unlike the below.
Not competitive reading. Or fast. Not on the Tuesday before! Getting too ahead of myself would be bad & I could crash/burn. I began, and got close enough to 10% through, Diamond Thief... As I said, I'm still tackling DT now. But that's fine. It's my first book & as I've read hardly anything it shall count, m'kay? Think about this: At this speed, it'd take me 10 days of the challenge. Yeah, the challenge should get me to speed up...

d) tweeting (umm... it was helpful & kinda part of b, I'm obsessed, OK? I like sharing my thoughts & readings!)

e) I practiced my smacking techniques (I may or may not have googled some too... BE WARNED, the name of this challenge is serious & so am I! *DANGER*)

And then, I slept. I woke up ready to... RUMBLE! Well, you can decide if this is true from the below:

Week 1

Pre-Friday updates of the Smackdown so far... 
So, you want to hear about Wednesday & Thursday's "events"?
Pages read: Well, I'll say one day I read just over 100 pages *cheers, it's good for me!* and overall I got to page 192, excluding the pages read before I officially began I've read so far: about 165 pages
Thoughts and/or GIF's: 100 pages is sometimes achievable for me but it's quite rare so I'm happy it's happened already & hope it won't be the only time... OK, I should say it won't be.

There should be Twitter activity soon, right? C'mon... Let's get the #SRSChallenge hashtag making waves :P
Challenges completed: None, working on this! See above ^^ :D 70% through Diamond Thief, Book 1, is quite good. Cheer me on peeps!

Friday Afternoon (may complete more):

Pages read: What, just today? So far? 70(ish) pages...
Thoughts and/or GIF's: I think I’ll finish the remaining ones (14 pages I think) of Diamond Thief & call it a day... if I do I’m planning on updating my GR, maybe not this! Finishing my first book & already being lazy ;) Well, it's not like I'd receive fanfares & I’m tired- it’s not even 6pm... Gosh, I know. So, yeah, it’s likely I’ll have finished my first book on the third day (but kinda count a half as well beforehand). I have 14 days (well, more like 11 now)... There’s 4 x 3½ days in that. We’ll do this, maybe. Tackling reviewing as well *panics* Oh no.
As there wasn't even 100 pages left I haven't yet done my own mini-challenge (yet) but if I read the sampler for the sequel as well will you give me a massive hug as I’ll have read 100...? Or cookies? Charli is feeding me cookies. I’ve had 16 already. Maybe Curious Fox will just send me more books... They know I want Red Rock.

Challenges completed: None, working on this!

Weekend update (overall):

Pages read: Every single page of the first Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone has 223 pages.
Thoughts and/or GIF's: 2 books completed so far! Not bad. Yes, the 'Barney Challenge' of 100+ pages in a day is done! :P I'm suddenly seeming pretty popular, lots of people seem to care about me reading that, and my thoughts on it. Well, it's been really liked (4*). Thanks for the recommendation Rita, Ruby, Zoe & Georgia... plus other potterheads who just are less pushy...
Challenges completed: On my way to complete more, but 1 is done & done one step for the 2nd, I've read a highly recommended book. DUH, it is.

Week Update, before holiday begins...
I shall be reviewing HP soon, I've done Diamond Thief & here's a review of Outside.

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