August 23, 2013

Page 99 Test: After Tomorrow

Remind that I once decided that, probably not regularly, I'd rewind & take a book blast from the past? Well... why does it have to be a rewind? For once, I'm doing the Page 99 Test and using it for its correct purpose! It still doesn't have an image... Well, you can't expect me to create two in a short space of time for two different features here!
Who else does Page 99 Tests? Char @ From The Shadows I Review does (because I told her about them and being the clever one she is... BAM. Page 99 Test is up & running...) How can it decide on the quality for me before is the question now... The same thing for Char but, as I said, I previously used it as a reflection to see if it works!
Page 99 Test (for reference my first was here, this is my third). 
This test was created by Ford Madox Ford. The test makes complete sense- 99 pages is often about a quarter of the way through (give or take a little percentage of the novel). For the book I'm discussing, it's actually a third of the way through... That's good enough!
The reason I am doing a Page 99 Test, and you won't see a review, is because I have to return it to the library unread... Someone reserved it so I have to pass it on even though I had really wanted to read it. Well, I still have a lot to read but I decided this was an opportunity to still read at least a little bit of the book...
So, I present to you:
What if you woke up tomorrow and everything had changed?
Money is worthless. Your friends are gone.
Armed robbers roam the streets.
The blurb also says, 'No one is safe.' Just from life? Is life hard? Slightly futuristic, I infer. Dystopian...? Well, the Page 99 Test leads me to believe it is!
Page 98 is actually the start of Chapter 9, but I said I'd read Page 99... so I read both.
This page shows the extent to which the world has turned... well, upside down!
"Paige said, 'At least we can get water.' Then I realized there were taps there"!
See? Even water is scarce and I don't know where they are exactly, apart from on a hill which a long queue is stretching down. Then I, well the reader, approach the toilets...

Do you even want me to go into this? Well, it could be worse. "There was a long row of portaloos lined up against the fence. They had some screening beyond then and the man muttered something in French." Oh, so french people are OK? Are they in France...? 

Oh, portaloos are OK... but what are those trenches? Yuck, not enough toilets! At least there is a screen, helpful in these conditions... As I said, you get the sense it could be worse but not a lot. This is what they think is good in a way... Lack of shelter, a place to relieve themselves... I don't even want to ask when the last time they ate was! Not that I could, the book doesn't talk... And I can't read it :P
Its sort of not good enough to upset me that I can't read it, I'm less upset now if I'm honest. It was a little bit intriguing and I bet the description in this novel is good but I don't really read a book for that... I'm not drawn into the book but am not put off (there's no typos, that's always good!)

They are basically my only thoughts on that paragraph, you can tell I have sort of 'middley' feelings regarding After Tomorrow's Page 99 Test. What are you thoughts? From the quotes (and believe me I summarized all they were seeing, nothing more interesting than lack of toilets, trenches & toilets) would you want to read it?
I hope I read some better Page 99's... well, I will. I'll actually be reading the whole of some books which aren't from the library where people have the right to annoy the heck out of me by... O.o Well, OK! They do have the right. Enough ranting! Enough of this post.
Be gone with you! Jokes, I don't want you to leave before you've told me your thoughts *folds arms and waits*

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