March 15, 2014

Entertainworm: Bookish TMI tag

Recently, I was tagged to answer many, many questions which were created by Amber, booktuber and blogger (here!) and passed on to me- as a form of... torture?- by Orli @ Blame My Bookshelf. What actually reminded me that I needed to blog this on Monday was watching Jim Chapman's too much information... I know it's different (this is the bookish one) so I just need to clarify that but whatever... happy reading millions of things about me.

How old are you?
It takes hands and feet... don't have enough fingers. I'm obviously not ten (I hope it's obvious!)

What books are you reading?
Well, it's not been a good week, if I'm honest... I continued being relaxed with Delirium and as of right now you'll see... I haven't read the other books I set out to read. Fail. But you know, I'll be relaxed in Germany with reading so will this month go to plan? At the moment though, I have 2 English CA's, only one of which I knew about then.

What are you wearing?
School uniform and a fluffy jumper over the top (it has spots & stuff). PRO.

Hehe, if this stands for one true pairing... FitzSimmons (Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has returned but as of writing I'm waiting to see the new episode 'The Magical Place' after 3 months of no SHIELD)... or if you want books... No, that would be too, too much information. Why do I have more than one?

Blogger or Wordpress?
Blogger. I wonder if its because that's what my blog is on... Never used WP but I'm 99% sure it's more confusing. (Update on Saturday morning when I realized that a) this had saved as a draft instead of scheduling b) some text- thankfully only two or so questions- had started to escape... it literally deletes your text & tells you data escaped or something. What a joke, I think my blog decided it liked the idea of making me rethink this question but it being Saturday morning... I'm not going to do anything. However, if you notice anything looks funny or whatever can you tell me as I think this messed up the post a little also & then I can fix that!)

Going outside, being active or staying in?
I can go outside & also read though (one thing that annoys all the hecks I have out of me is when people suggest you stop reading & go outside *goes outside with book*)...? Or be active inside, like on the Wii Fit or something. Even ARCHERY is indoors. Well, at my club. Cos the wind makes it much harder. For that, I'd probably just say indoors XD I know I like more books than I do sports though, I will say. There probably aren't even as many sports as books.

What is the last book you read?
Apparently Leopold Blue... It seems like I finished that AGES ago though. Or can I say Delirium?

What book are you going to read next?
That's TMI for me to even have the answer. I don't even know... I feel so disorganized saying that XD Hopefully *fingers crossed* the Joe Cowley one (by OUP) though... But, don't hold me to this. Or hold your breath. One will be fatal for me, the other for you.

E-books - yes or no?
Yes. My kindle is very much loved; I love real books too but there are so many advantages to books which you can have thousands of without them taking up more than the space a kindle takes up. This month: ebooks, I won't neglect you.

Where do you prefer to read?
I often read in our little room in our house, that used to be where my brother played Xbox. I just sit in that comfy chair & chill.

Who is the last person you tweeted?
As is typical, it was more than one person mentioned in the tweet. So, Rita, Amber & Ruby. For once not Fi...

Which blog did you look at last?
Well, when I go look up GIFs it takes me to that blogger's blog. But in the normal way Oh, The Books which is a bookish excursion by Asti, Kelley & Leanne.

Who is your favourite blogger?
...So many worthy candidates but y'know, I have my own Jennifer Lawrence of the Golden Globes for this... Rita <3 I trust she won’t get a big head... Now, if in this hypothetical little thing she’s J-Law & I’m Taylor Swift she now gets to push me down the stairs :’(
Hehe, IDK, I feel like I’ve known her blog forever (I don’t know how old but I think I recall her blog being new when we met so it’s close). She is one of the bloggers who I can be entirely honest with (or at least I think I can & I have been) and oh, lawl, this is turning corny.
Now I’ve wrecked it & it’ll seem corny if I say I love you all too. Well, I do. It’d have been so nice for me to say I don’t have favourites or something equally kind to ya’ll but even if we only have half the bloggy friendship there then you’re still very loved and I think your blog is awesome. I could never just love one blog & it's a hard choice as... even book blogs are all so different.
Also, my favourite bloggy author is Fi... I generally half think of her as a blogger, half as a bird, half as an author and half as a better mathematician than me (hehe, I don’t know but it didn’t sound write to say I third think of her... no that’s not good grammar but WHAT IS?)

Who is your favourite booktuber?
I... Can I say the BookishBrits cos technically that’s one booktube account? I don’t know if they’re my fave or not. Some of them have VERY different british accents to me so I’m just sitting there like, cool.

What do you think when someone says they think reading is boring?
I just think they haven’t found the book which isn’t boring for them. I mean, we must all have read something boring to read. Whether it’s an ingredient list on a cereal pack or something (no, I don’t EVER read them... Nu-uh *hides*). Even some books... But, you know, you can’t generalize it & say all reading is boring. I’m sure they’ll find one book or magazine or tweet or something which isn’t. The amount most read per day probably means they don’t find it boring. Unless they’re the person who plays all the FB games & doesn’t actually read any of FB, in which case... NO WORDS. My Dad doesn’t like reading many books but he’ll happily read newspapers or the TV guide etc. He obviously has to read cooking instructions or our family would starve etc. Oh, it’s so good this is a TMI tag, isn’t it?

Who is the last author you spoke to?
Well, this made me think of the Holden Caulfield quote this brings a whole new meaning to: you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. I’d rather quote a book than answer cos... I talk about authors I’ve actually seen IRL later on. I emailed Louisa Reid recently though...

Who is your all time favourite book character?

Oh look! I've developed selective reading (selective ability to see words). I'm gonna pick from books I've read this year cos I haven't found enough loopholes to take with this book yet... KIERAN. FLIPPIN'. STORM.

UKYA, evidently. I mean, I like USYA but sometimes the publishers haven't made it that obvious for UK readers to understand, at least not at the proof stage (I've found). There's some USYA authors who are awesome & whose books I don't recall many issues with. Now, I wonder why I have so many Meg Cabot books? I haven't checked, but she's probably the US author I have the most books by. IT'S NOT CASSANDRA CLARE YET.

What is your preferred drink whilst reading?
Coffee or squash, depending on whether I need something hot or cold... but frankly, I don't care that much.

If you hated reading, what would you be doing?
Tweeting and wasting time on other sites. Oh wait, I already do that? Whoops.

How many bookshelves do you have?
Two. They only have three shelves each as well! I wanted to trade one of the 3-shelvers for a 5-shelf but it hasn't happened yet...

If you had the chance to meet all your favourite bloggers or all your favourite authors, which would you pick?
Bloggers... but wait for it, lots of my favourite authors blog too so HAHA, tricked ya! Also, I've already met a few of my favourite authors & haven't got as close to meeting fave bloggers XD

Insta-love - yes or no?
No. Insta-attraction, OK. Insta-dislike. GIMME. Insta-bit-of-both. WELL, NOW we're getting somewhere. BUT Insta-love? When is it EVER yes?

Favourite author?
Hmm... I'm going to cheat. You saw that question where I mentioned meeting some of my favourite authors? I'm just going to mention them for coping with seeing the horrendousness (technically not a word) that is me. CJ Flood, Joss Stirling & Nikki Sheehan.

What is the number one book on your wishlist?
Probably Downside Up, The Naturals or Pandemonium. I also can't wait for Misty Falls & 'Infinite Sky #2' (not real book title).

Do you prefer books with male or female protagonists?
Hmm... I like both. There's more female protagonists around in 1st person novels, sure... I like both, OK.

Which is your favourite book to film adaptations?
Catching Fire <3 But ask me again when Mockinjay is out, OK? More longterm movie love is Stardust (though I haven't been able to read the book :P) probably?

Which do you enjoy reading more - positive or negative reviews?
Probably positive, but negative reviews with lots of GIFs always end up seeming really snarky. Just include GIF's, I'll read it.

Moving pictures are magic... GET. WITH. IT.
Do you want to do this tag? Then go ahead! I'm not really sure who to tag... Lots of you have already done this, eh (you can link me up if you want, whether you've done it before or am responding to this open tag)? Pick a question randomly & answer it anyway in the comments, I dare you. 
Have a great day all (:


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