March 21, 2014

*Feeding My Kindle* For A Long Time *Friday* [3 stages book haul]

My kindle is the second one- Kindle Fire FTW (no offence obviously,
 it's about the books not the e-reader!)
These books have taken me about half a year to accumulate, oops. That's the first stage to this book haul (or any, books are something to accumulate. Also, readers like to be fed them -have I pointed that out? It's the kindle's fault that I've so many there, not mine!)
I haven’t done a book haul which has included ebooks in it for quite a while it seems. Well, I’ve been building my kindle collection although there was absolutely no reason to do so. Oops. I am not including ones which I’ve already reviewed as, you need to see them again why?
To be quite truthful, it’s a miracle you’re seeing this AT ALL. I’m not the best at adding kindle books to Goodreads & I believe I’m not eligible for the intergration (as it’s SO exclusive at the moment, normal kindle users in the UK thank you, Amazon!)
I know this is probably less than 50 books (oh, you know, not a lot... I'm just guessing so if it is... *winks*) but... I tend to not read many ebooks, unless they're review copies, in a series I want to keep reading on kindle or short stories. Problem, right there. So, how many of these have I read but NOT reviewed?

Apparently one... it was a short story.
But the second stage to this book haul is to list all the books (so I won't review yet, for your inquiring minds (which will probably then go & hunt down a few). Recent ones are at the top, if that helps.

Ghost Unbroken by Annie McLeod
Five Shades of Fantasy - an anthology | Kristen Middleton, W.J. May, Chrissy Peebles, CM Doporto, Kaitlyn Davis & Tiffany Evans --> because Ignite (Midnight Fire Series) by Kaitlyn Davis was in it.
Enigma Black (Enigma Black Trilogy Book #1) by Sara Furlong-Burr --> she kindly tweeted me saying that her book was free on kindle, as I'd shown interest in it!
The Boys of Summer (Book # 1 The Summer Series) by C.J Duggan
Legacy Rising by Shane Scollins
Nightmare City: a Post-Steampunk Dystopian Lovecraft Adventure: Part One by Jack Conner
Saving Wishes (The Wishes Series #1) by GJ Walker-Smith
Dragonfly by Leigh Talbert Moore
In Your Dreams by Amy Martin
Rag Dolls: Callie's Story An Orphan In Crisis (A Real Life Fiction Novel) by Shelley Terrell --> very interesting as involves sociological elements, also fostering & in case you don't know, some careers I'm interested in involve Social Work, Sociology etc. I love Sociology in books <3
The Key (The True Reign Series) by Jennifer Anne Davis
Monster by Annie McLeod
Phantom Summer by Amy Sparling

Therianthropy (Paradox Child) by J Yates
Paradox Child (Paradox Child Series) by J Yates
Wyrd Girl by Jon Jacks,
Outcast by Susan Oloier

My Daylight Monsters (Kindle Single) by Sarah Dalton
One Night With The Fae (Chaos Series Prequel Companion) by Claire Farrell
Stormwinter by Jeremy Vineyard
UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale) by Chanda Hahn
Any Red-Blooded Girl (The Flora Fontain Files) by Maggie Bloom,
Invisible Paterson by Anne Cecily
Entanglement (YA Dystopian Romance) by Dan Rix
daynight by Megan Thomason
Halifax by Leigh Dunlap

Don't you want to know what the third stage is?
...It is a review. Of the one book of these I've read *gives myself a shiny*

Unofficially! Because it's a mini-review of Monster

Author: Annie McLeod
Source: Just randomly decided to get.Rating: 3.5*Recommended for: Anyone that has 20 minutes. You have it now? Oh, it'll take an extra to download unto your device (ie. Kindle for PC). Just do it.My Thoughts:I’ve read this by Annie McLeod because... well, you know that feeling when you’ve not read anything by an author & you don’t want to start the sampler as then you could need the whole book straight away & TBR lists? Well, it’s easy to pick up a short ebook which take 15-20 minutes by such an author, isn’t it? This book doesn’t really leave much to the imagination is my first impression, in a good way. You know that this is a story where he’s going to get the girl, that’s why it’s taking us through the lives where... well, there’s other courses. It’s sweet, from the offset. And like the shortest fairytale retelling you’ll ever devour, most likely. So, Caroline... she knows of this monster. Reoccuring. Oh, it’s such an interesting concept.
I liked that at the start it was this novella was from the point of view of Victoria, who apparently was Caroline’s friend in her first life but I don’t understand that because the novella is about all three. 
So yes, not everything was clear and it was a fault that there was an imbalance between leaving stuff to the imagination & not. However, overall it was a good novella & as it was so short you probably won't over-analyse it. You will enjoy it, I recommend this good use of 20 minutes- or maybe less (if you do find them wasted, at least it wasn't a whole novel!)Additionally, for something which takes like 5 breaths to read (oh, I breathe more than that without realizing?) that is such a good cover. Nicer than books more than 15x have! So, yes, that's splendid.

That's all of the stages. Hope you enjoyed this post more than you'd normally enjoy a list of books. Hey, we're readers. We like it <3 Or so I hope. What's your biggest haul? Has it been one spanning six months EVER... no, that's just me. I get it, I do. Your thoughts on these books? More specifically Monster? Read any? Going to grab any if you can?

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