March 05, 2014

Entertainworm: WoW or WWW? (March new releases edition)

Both Wednesday meme's are featured today. I just couldn't pick so decided on this! Enjoy!...

WWW Wednesday's is hosted by Should Be Reading.
We just answer the following three (3) questions…

What are you currently reading?
Well, I've read a bit of a Lauren Oliver's Delirium- but it's a re-read & with re-reads I can be quite relaxed about whether I'm actually reading them or not ;)

What did you recently finish reading?

Young, Gifted and Dead (St Jude's Academy, #1) (3.5*) | Teardrop (Teardrop, #1) (4*) | Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets (4*)- reviewed | Sweetly (4.5*) |
Leopold Blue (3.5*) & The Disappeared (4.5*). 
Both are awesome reads which are going quite well! Leopold Blue, to quickly give you an oversight, is a contemporary set in South Africa during the 1990's. The Disappeared is wildly different (which means it's easy to read both at once) is a dystopia, the true meaning of dystopia, corrupt government, death & all. 
I'm halfway through, or more, both books. I might even finish them both this month which means- despite this tiny month I'd have read 6 books, same as January! Quite good going, eh? Especially as I'm not on full par healthwise this month (thanks stairs! How normal is it to get whiplash from falling down them)? I think half term helped. Not up to much but still... lots of time ;)
(all five unreviewed from February to hopefully be reviewed soon).

What do you think you’ll read next?
There's a few options... By few I mean about a dozen ;) Check out this goodreads shelf; the ones which I haven't read yet on it are all possibilities (I think I'm semi-organized like that :P) If you think I should read any of them specifically- maybe you've read them- please do let me know in the comments. But don't get too distracted looking at my shelves! It's not good for you :D

I think it's quite likely it'll be Hidden (I think I need to read another ebook, only read one this month!) and also The Private Blog of Joe Cowley (at least before April publication)... I'm always bad at this question though so don't hold me to it. I might get sidetracked by some of my recent book haul acquisitions though... Don't want it to happen but it may do... Oops, if so!
I have four official WoW's actually, now (I'd say it's one for every week this month but it's not- it's not that spread out)... For other UK readers, I think these are all released in the UK this upcoming March

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Dead & Buried | The Time of My Life | Strange Sweet Song | The Wilderness
Weirdly one of them I already have, but it'd be a spoiler to say much more... Check them out on Goodreads :D Both of them are continuation of a series but the right you could read as a standalone.

That's the March releases I know about anyway. Looking beautiful, as always, books :P

Thanks for checking this post out! Share with me your thoughts on the books and... Happy reading all! (:


Michelle Santiago said...

i really enjoy jackson pearce's books. i haven't read this one yet but i read sisters red, as you wish and purity and they were all good. awesome pick :)

hope you can stop by my WoW Post.

-michelle @ Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks

Shane Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing all these great books. Hope you get to read your three picks soon :)

Happy Wednesday!

My WoW

Shane Morgan said...

Oops! I mean 4. Great I can't count now lol

Tansie Gray said...

I've actually never heard of any of these before but they sound awesome! Great picks :)

My WoW

Debbie Turner said...

Have you read Jackson Pearce's new one, Purity? Its quite good! I love the Sweetly/Sisters Red covers, think they are awesome. And The Disappeared is on my wishlist, so glad you enjoyed it! I should be reading Private Blog of Joe Cowley soon too :-)

AwesomeAmy said...

@Michelle & Debbie: I haven't read Purity yet but I may get round to it. It will probably seem like it's not by the same author as it's such a different topic.
@Debbie: Have you read PBoJC yet?
@Shane: Not yet. I didn't read much in March *hides* Thanks anyway, haha :)
@Tansie: They do, don't they? (: Thanks for stopping by!

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