March 13, 2014

Entertainworm presents... Cat Thursday: Selfies & Close-Ups

Caleb would like to say... I'M BACK! Cats are for life, not just for Thursday's, BTW. But really... there''s more books than cats (at least in my life).

 Thanks for hosting Michelle @ The True Book Addict! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). 
The last 'Cat Thursday', I was welcomed by cat lovers (meme participants) far & near... Thank you all so much for that <3 Love yoooooouuuuuuu! We both do, Caleb is clarifying.
Oh, but wait, is Caleb really that keen?

 photo calebfeb201417_zps93b7e258.jpg
*peers under blanket* Do you want to come out? If not people will start thinking you're weird...

Oh, nobody else's cat randomly pulls a blanket over themselves- in a complex process. Wow, that's strange. I really love this photo I took last month- it's cute and just displays cat's independence. Even Caleb sometimes remembers he has it!

 photo CATSELFIE_zps7c9042ca.png
But sometimes, cats aren't that independent.
So, Caleb decided to get some help from internet cats in how to take a good selfie, especially after he'd seen that top right image in January. He's in the centre, rocking the attention boat ;) Bottom left... we couldn't get close. Caleb hasn't met a basilisk! 

Veeerrry cute cats, there.

Oh, and it's Spring! We can now go outside without freezing our butts off. YAY!

 photo CalebCatThursday1_zps78b32362.jpg
AAAHHHHH. BRANCH. oh. I'm stuck. In a flowerpot and this branch will soon flick me in the face. I'm stuuuuck!
Seriously. Cat sitting in a flowerpot. Is this normal in some place? Egypt? Hey, they were worshipped there! They can do whatever they want there... no? I've never been to Egypt. BTW, the plant probably looks so... umm... dead as it's where Caleb sits. He also spends a considerable amount of time in the birdbath. As I said, just... weird.

Well, that's enough from Caleb for one day. Hope you enjoyed this post! BTW, if you're a book blogger with a black cat then... join the club. So many bloggers with identical cats... woah. But Amber's is the most similar. Really.

So, happy reading! Feel free to show me pictures of your cats too <3 It's not like cats aren't on the interwebs enough... Cats can be internet sensations? SAY WHAT?...
Do their owners have to be too? Cos if so... sorry Caleb, no hope. NO HOPE.


Anonymous said...

OHMYGOD! Why did nobody tell me that this meme existed?! I have to take part next week!!! Haha awwww, all the cats here are so cute and adorable!

Roberta R. said...

Haha! Love Caleb's, um, eye ;). Very creative pic!
And are there so many crossed-eye cats around the web? I had no idea...

Red Iza said...

Maybe thepot and the wall kept some of the heat and it felt warm lying there ? I have two cats and they always are in competition about who sleeps where : one cat sits on top of the drawer ? Next day, the other takes his place. New chair ? Same motto. And so on lol !

Bea said...

I'm not surprised Caleb likes the pot; it's a container and cats love to be inside containers. Plus he probably chews on the plant. :)

The selfies one makes me laugh. I'm glad my boy Goof can't use the camera. :D

Anonymous said...

Very cute! My Girls love to be under blankets (as you can see by my profile pic of Maggie, the sleeper). Grizelda thinks if she can't see you, you don't know she is there. Chloe Jo just likes to cuddle.

Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

Great shots of Caleb!

Michelle Miller said...

So glad to have you with us for Cat Thursday...and yes, cats are wonderful ALL the time, but especially on Thursdays. *wink*

Caleb is awesome! I also have a black cat...Alice. I love much personality.

Regarding the Egyptian thing, a recent archaeological discovery has found that domesticated cats have been around for 6,000 years. Here's a link to the article in Archaeology magazine:

Kate Campbell said...

I'm sorry I was so slow to come back and visit. It was really nice meeting Caleb. Those cat selfies are so funny, it might inspire our kitties to not be so camera shy. hehehe

AwesomeAmy said...

Hey everyone! Glad you could stop by! :D

@Kat: Did you delete your blog? You didn't get a chance :/ Caleb says thanks <3

@Roberta: He has normal cat eyes though... I really want a cat with blue eyes ;) I also have names ready incase I ever get other cats: Pixel, Maple (only really if I still had Caleb as my bro calls him Cable anyway & it sounds cute) & Schrödinger. Cats are just full off derp, it's like there middle name (after all, who actually gives their cats middle names? XD)

@Iza: We did have another cat but some other people started feeding her & ugh... she's theirs now. Maybe it is warm ;) There were sunnier spots but... he's like that.

@Bea: He definitely likes chewing grass... cats are supposed to be hunters & like meat; then there's Caleb: "I'm eating my greens... nom, nom, nom". He can't properly fit in a container when it's filled with a plant ;)

@McGuffy Ann: That reminded me of when toddlers think as they can't see you, you can't see them. Not always the case.

@Melissa: He's a little poser :P

@Michelle: It's so weird that black cats mean different superstitions in different countries. As there's no decisions, it's all false. Black cats are just beautiful cats. Cool article :)

@Kate: Hey, I'm the definition of slow! Thanks for coming here anyway. I'm glad you liked the cat selfies & Caleb says hi (well... umm... you know, I can speak cats? Haha, nope!)

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