March 24, 2014

I'm In Germany! ...A Hiatus Announcement

Hello friends, readers (hopefully you’re both... if not make it that way XD)!
As you read this I’m in Germany, on an exchange so I’m not blogging with you this week. This is just a quick post I wrote so you know- for once- about my blogging break. This one is planned & probably the best type (and could even be a bit productive, wouldn’t you be amazed!)

I won’t stay in Germany, I promise. Not even if the chocolate’s better than books (now, what?). Not even if I love it enough to forfeit school. NOPE.
I wouldn’t be allowed.
So, I’m hoping to be on hiatus for a bit when I get back at the weekend (you should see me tweet at that point though!), until the second week of my Easter holidays, so all in all three weeks. This helps me to enjoy Germany & then my holiday. I will need to catch up on school work that I miss; I want to fit in some reading & blogging also but it would be best if any I get done is extra & can be scheduled in my opinion. *fingers crossed* some posts get scheduled or you’ll have me on the 14th sitting there at like half 8 trying to write a post before Australia goes to sleep ;)
So, no, I’m not just having a break- like I have before- due to blogging slumps. Those I always feel bad about but this one... do you feel bad about it? I feel a little bad, but not in the way where it’s out of panic. I feel bad as I know I’ll miss you... even though lots of you read my blog sporadically, don’t lie :P Hehe, only joking.
Anyway, back to the Twitter point, tweeting you when I’m back in England will be super important. You want me to have some sanity left, don’t you?
I think as bloggers we all take blogging breaks, it's a need & sometimes a want... right? What’s your view? Do you agree?

There are some posts I hope to post during the hiatus:
April Releases
A Post About Germany & Catching Up (probably be a bit like a recap with other things I missed in the blogosphere but then found when I returned, have photos & maybe thoughts on TV I caught up on :P)

Would you like that latter post if I did it? Both of these will be in April- if people want them- so... return in April why don't cha?

Love you all,
Non-MIA Amy Bookworm :D

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Karen said...

I took one last week for no reason at all. I ran out of posts and just didn't feel like writing anything lol

Have a wonderful break Amy!

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