March 25, 2013

3 Things [5]: Name (Duplicates)

Sometimes I read a book and I think 'that’s a unique name' but what I really mean is that’s a unique name in real life.
You just don't stumble upon Xavier's very often. I don't think there's any at my school. Well maybe there is 1/2000. Did we just miss out? I can't really remember the Xavier from the Halo Series even if I can remember Xavier from the Benedict brothers! So I couldn't really contrast them... But here are some I can (I don't know why they are all guys, are there more girl names?):

#1- Liam:
Why Liam first? Because it's the most popular. Liam's seem to choose the wrong girl by some of these books I've read... In A Little Birdie Told Me Liam was a slight idiot. He confused Mira and confused us too! But I don't think he was really rotten. Not like the punch-throwing, pain who really has issues in What's Up With Jody Barton? He was seriously my least favourite character! I haven't finished Dead Gorgeous* but I've gathered that he has pretty good intentions most of the time (I'm not sure about both of the previous Liam's motives). You think I'm done listing Liam's? A minor (at least so far, I've read about 10% of this book) character in Dangerous Reality* is also called Liam and quite frankly I'm not going to consider him! I'm just stating the fact that:
Liam is a popular name in fiction (it's like the 'James' of fiction... There's not many James' in fiction, are there?)
I'm starting with the sixth & seventh because it's not rude/confusing:
An amazing person who has alot of feelings for others and wants what's best for his loved ones. Very caring and kind towards people has a heart. Always there, extremely loveable and one too keep, one who most people love and admire as much as i do too. someone to change your life for the best.
An extremely handsome and highly intelligent guy. A Liam is never to be underestimated. Though at times a bit of a badass and tough around the edges, he has a soft and sweet inside. Beware though, because he is a definite lady's man. A Liam breaks many hearts without even trying. Liam's are also highly artistic and musically inclined. They can accomplish anything they set out to do.
Amazing applies to Liam #1 & Liam #3 only. I think they all are emotional and I haven't seen them with their loved ones much... I would give Liam #1 the mark if any.
With caring, loveable and having a heart also not applying to Liam #2 I'm starting to lose faith in this Liam. Does no Urban Dictionary contributor think some Liam's are just disgusting? I would give #Liam 3 the 'life changing' mark...
I know they've all been called handsome and I'm pretty sure only Liam #2 isn't intelligent.
Badass? *scoffs* More like an awkward flea. OK, maybe not entirely... But if a ghost isn't, what is (he only gets 0.5 to be fair to both the other Liam's who scored 1!)? And Liam (#2) in What's Up With JB is a horrible person if ever I saw one. I wouldn't entirely want any of those Liam's for their flaws.
*kicks Liam #2 out for losing massively compared to the other Liam's*
There is half a point between the remaining Liam's... Liam #1 takes the lead but it's not over YET!
Soft and sweet? OK, nobody calls that... Lady's man? Hmm... Not too sure but from what I know Liam #1 has the girlfriend. Does that mean Liam #3 can't break hearts? He so can. They both can.
Artistic best describes Liam #1 and he's better at achieving (so far) what he sets out to do... He may also end up with different things but let's face it... Liam #3 hasn't left the Manor Hotel yet. Sucker (I jest but guess who won...?)

Is the Birdie Liam? Well, he won! *applauds*

#2- Oscar:
The most ironic thing about using Urban Dictionary is seriously this. I think there's a chance an Oscar wrote it. What do you think? "The master of all humans, the person who has control of the world, and the coolest person in the planet." I can't deny that I'd call Oscar in Candor an Oscar.
On the blurb Oscar introduces himself... "I am the perfect teenager. My girlfriend is the hottest girl in school. I get straight As. I am class president."
Class president? Master...? He's the perfect teenager... That's pretty... cool? He can be in control of humans, he's not the master in a way like his Dad. He manages a facade and he's a really dynamic, realistic character who I remember!
Oscar in The Dark Side Of Night is all introduced through the synopsis. "Everybody knows a boy like Oscar." Do they? 
"He’s popular at college, fun and good looking."
...I've described him beyond that, Oscar really isn’t that peculiar, he’s not the jock-next-door, just the boy. The boy who likes free running.
Back to Urban Dictionary...
Definition 13 refers to Oscar as a verb: 'to pull a lie off so great that it's worthy of a nomination'
I like the 8th because I can exactly imagine that amazing smile on either Pam's Oscar or the other Oscar. So here you go, "Usually a guy with an amazing smile and hair with words that can make you melt. Cool, sexy as hell, fun, smart, very persuasive and totally knows what he is doing but also highly dangerous and can be a player. Amazing guitar skills and personality. Usually a friend that you can trust and count on."
Very persuasive you say? Uh, yeah... They both are! And 100% dangerous, fun, smart... I'd disagree with player but they mention guitars? Is that all they mean? I'd add that in! I personally would trust & count on them.

But the awkward for most Oscary goes to...
Oscar in... (here's a piccie of him on the cover)

#3- Andrew
It's Malorie Blackman month so here's a fun fact: she's used the name Andrew twice in two different books (and it wasn't like both were minors either)! So these different characters both have rather unpleasant mothers, does that mean she practically re-made one character she liked! It's an interesting thought...
Andrew in Dead Gorgeous* Vs Andrew of Trust Me*...
So we'll use a few Urban Dictionary definitions to settle this dispute  It firstly says, "Ultra cool, Usually hot or at least sort of cute. Awesome sense of style, music, and humor. Sexy, awesome kisser"
I wouldn't call either of them 'ultra cool'... I'm sorry. Perhaps they are hot and it appears kiss well but what else does Urban Dictionary say? The fifth is a bit of an extension, "A good Andrew is a rare type."
Ah... now I see... It's rare to be a good Andrew? That's true. I wouldn't call them good. Fantastic in different degrees of ruthlessness but good?
I've cut out about a hundred words and I'm back to the same definition... Some may not apply to either but here you go (key): Trust Me Andrew Dead Gorgeous Andrew
"He gets into crazy situations but gets out without a scratch and stays calm. He's almost always got a plan and is great at on-the-spot thinking. He's very smart but not in a nerd way and is very good at everything he does yet doesn't often admit his talents. He's got great taste in music and dresses differently but its still cool. He's always full throttle until he feels like crashing, then he will sleep where he falls. Andrew doesn't care what people think of him because he and everyone that knows him knows he is immortal and godlike but rarely looks down on others. That's because Andrew is a god and is the most awesome person you can ever have the honour of meeting and is unforgettable."
Lastly, it's 22nd definition that has a merit-  He's the life of a party, even if he's not invited. ... He's the stuff of legends.
I think the 'highlighting' speaks for itself... Congratulations on being 'The Andrew'...

*this book is written by Malorie Blackman

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