March 11, 2013

3 things [4]: Top 5's

These lists are in no particular order just a narrowed down list mentioning my Top 5 in... You guessed it: three categories! Hope you enjoy this addition to the '3 things' (series? perhaps!)
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Top 5 List #1: Protagonists – 1st person

Charlie (Perks*)
Need I say why Charlie is amazing? Apparently my English teacher needs to hear it. A certain souvabitch is stealing Charlie’s spotlight. You guessed it- she thinks Holdem Caulfield’s style of writing to a reader is unique and to be studied. So I have to read it. And finish it, which I’ve tried to do before. And failed.

Scarlett March (Sisters Red)
In this fairytale retelling there are two sisters- and the POV’s alternate but I seem to remember Scarlett more? Perhaps because as the retelling would go Rosie definitely wouldn’t be Little Red Riding Hood. So is that a good enough reason for me to not give them a joint spotlight?

Cole (WoMF)
I don’t know why I like him but I remember him slightly more than Sam. That’s sort of worrying but hey...

Jemima J.
I didn’t give this many stars but as I thought of this I realized I did enjoy her voice and her voice didn’t get boring. She may have gone through some stuff that I didn’t fully understand straight away but then realized but I think this is just how she spoke... When an individual has an eating disorder it’s not always obvious to them and I think that’s why it was handled like it was. I don’t often remember if books are written in 1st/3rd much after reading unless the voice is good- so y’know, her voice was good. And one of the reasons I don’t stick to YA (uh-huh, it wasn’t Bridget Jones!)

Oscar (Candor*)
I don’t actually recall if Candor was in 1st person perspective or not... But I think it was. Candor is a world that I really got into, perhaps even more than Delirium and Oscar was flawed, odd and very much a voice I think you’ll like. Just as much as I did.

Top 5 List #2: Book Boyfriends (human):

Box (TBT)

I am ignoring the fact that the only guy I could find with dark,
curly hair other than the Jonas brothers was the dude playing a
Mortal Instruments character. I haven’t read that series so...
If this 6-book series came to the screen (perhaps in a TV series like Delirium ;) I can hope!) this is what he’d look like (and I am ignoring the fact that the only guy I could find with dark curly hair other than the Jonas brothers was the dude playing a Mortal Instruments character. I haven’t read that series so... MEEEEEEH!
I'm pretty sure that actor won't appreciate a guy with (probably dyed) long white hair calling him 'fly head' & dissing him but hey... It'll have to be done to make Box just as lovable on screen as in the books.

Sean (TLG*)

Sean is in The Lost Girl which is a book I read recently and he is absolutely... absolutely... indescribable.
Green eyes, baby.
He is a huge support to Eva, helping her gain her name and doing much more. It's hard not to melt with a boy like this...

Peeta (HG)

Don't they say a picture speaks
a THOUSAND words

Well... There is a reason that photo is from Catching Fire- I don’t want you to think I only like Peeta because of the Hunger Games movie! I think the reason I love him is more because of the other ones!

That picture is worth 1000 words. 
Because it's from Catching Fire which I am dying to see and know I can't. Yet.

Zach (GG)
Oh. The. Blackthorne. Boys. I haven’t actually read a book where he is taken but I do believe somebody, other than his mother, will probably get their claws into him. He might be cryptic but spies have to be, don’t they? The Bad Boy Facade? Well... That’s just an extra. Extra potential you have young Zachary... even though you insist on calling a certain someone ‘Gallagher Girl’.

Ryan (Mercy)
We very much wanted Mercy to reconnect with Ryan, didn’t we? I may not have finished this series... Unfortunately... But seriously I will. There is nothing much I can say. He is awesome, Mercy forgets this.

Top 5 List #3: Paranormal Book Boyfriends:

I don't have a caption but I'll say this: If you have any
 queries on the images used in this post mail me.
Luca (DHS) 
Werewolf. ‘Nuff said.

Jason (DE) 
Does he have magic? Yes. Is a wizard? No.

Xavier Benedict 
Savants are perhaps sort of human in the regards that they don’t shapeshift, they don’t drink blood and they don’t go to Hogwarts... But seriously? Telepathy & healing aren’t abilities one stumbles upon in books that aren’t paranormal. Hence why Xavier, with all his wit, charm and Timberlands, is definitely a paranormal book boyfriend.

Uriel Benedict 
 As I’ve already said... I sort of have claims to Uriel. I may not be exactly be in South Africa (aha, sorry a teaser!) but y’know... I can relocate. Uriel is described as the golden boy... Angelic blond streaks, positive thinker (but probably- being a savant like Xavier- a realist, of course paranormal characters can be realists); skilled at recalling memories- he doesn’t really belong to this generation of boys. Oh yeah, that’s right. He may be a little old for this minor... Sadness.

Jasper (Twilight) 
You are going to murder me. But this list wouldn’t be a list without a vampire. We can do without the wizard (Ron Weasley) especially as this IS a case where I like him for the movie. I think it’s better to include Jasper who I just like... Just because I like him. I’m sure Jasper doesn’t really sparkle. I haven’t seen the movies so if I’m just wishful thinking... It shall stay that way. K?


Kiersi said...

If I had to pick a vampire, I'd probably pick Jasper too. Though I really disliked the movie version of him, they picked kind of a weird-looking actor.

AwesomeAmy said...

@Kiersi: Haha, that's the bad thing about movie adaptations- they can take away what you imagined & in return give you something really weird (I think its the make-up/costume partly) to associate with said character!
If it was a girl it'd be Bree but uhh... she's not at all one of my book boyfriend's XD (Or, to clarify for @CharmaineElaine, one night stands either!) Wait, are there cool vampire chicks in other books I've read? I can't remember. This is awful!

Kelly W said...

Haha great list! I do love me some Peeta, too! I need to read a lot of these books, I feel so out of the loop lately. :(

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