March 30, 2013

Reviewing... [16] Dangerous Reality

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Author: Malorie Blackman (I wonder why...)

Source: Library

Recommended?: I'm not sure I'd exactly recommend it but I'm sure its a case where younger readers need to give it bookish love :) 

Can you sort that for me?... HUH? :D

I was sort of bordering between 2.5 and 3 stars for this one as I can't really think of as much to say...
I finally decided on 3 stars as it did hook me from the one-page 1st Chapter. I did get an idea from page 1 of the book and that was nice even it didn't all ring true after that. It wasn't just 'there's not something right here...' as detail was put into other things that maybe only confused me! :L

Dominic wasn't exactly a reliable narrator. He was quite honest but sometimes it got confusing as you didn't understand it- the drive from the character just didn't work as effectively in this book. Human nature was explored and it was interesting to discover Dominic's motives and also his disability. I did pretty much wish that Dominic was my little brother. Then again if I was I'd probably stop him doing half the stuff as urgent as it was!

The technology is at least slightly more realistic (I gather that this is because it was written as futuristic but I've been wrong!) I mean technology being a slight failure as it's quite advanced mechanically...

I can't fault that as I don't think it'll mean it's as dated as other books! 
It should be a classic for younger readers to pick up :L
I'm definitely not the recommended age group but even so I liked the cinched end- it's not exactly happy but there is a sense of resolving & I'm pleased to say... I'm not confused anymore & I did read it for Malorie Blackman month (which is now over!)
I'm quite glad I did read it.

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated this book: 

Hope you are all having a fabulous Easter!... Just in case you were wondering for Malorie Blackman month my average rating was 4 stars (this isn't far of her goodreads average of 4.08) & I rated with a review 6 books.
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