March 28, 2013

Reviewing... [15] Dead Gorgeous

Malorie Blackman month is done with Char @ From The Shadows I Review. Check this awesome blog out for more Malorie Blackman stuff... NOW! You hear me? :D


Author: Malorie Blackman (I wonder why...)

Source: An Ebook lend!

Recommended for: I-want-to-be-a-lil'-spooked-but-not-a-lot!

So, firstly... I recommended it to those anti-crapping-pants people pretty much... So does this mean that it's not realistic enough to be scary? HAHA.
No. It could be considered scary but more the sub-genres... Miss Dawn & Miss Eve *shudders* Malorie can fantastically create characters who are really original... She does this partly by creating mystery but not overdoing it. Liam was pretty mysterious but not the best character in Dead Gorgeous. I think he was a little bit protective and sort of had you’d expect a ghost’s experience to be like. she realizes she’s the only one who can see him. The most scariest thing wasn't the medium aspect of Nova (and perhaps other characters) but the other element...

Taking from blurb again: she’s hiding a secret of her own –
one she’s desperate to keep from her family
There were definitely themes I hadn't seen during Malorie Blackman month (or anywhere else for that matter!) but about 85% through I started realizing this was more a YA... And it was written like YA, Trust Me. Once again I've expected a light read & I haven't got one. I should've realized how this book could differ so much from predictions... For starters, how many ghost stories do you know that use the line 'like when my toes learn to chew gum!' or anything of that beautiful nature?
This isn't a heavy read as you may have guessed from that- its sort of middle-depth (she says knowing that at least the themes aren't preachy if a tad repetitive)...
Oh, how many things can I say I liked? A britainization of phrases used is a plus: "Nova put in her twopence worth". And obviously surprises. Who isn't hooked by them?
I thought the ending was fulfilling; I sniffed a little at Miss Dawn's 'Of course not'. I doubt anybody can really see this book's rollercoaster unless they've read it. Predict it? No, sirree.
Don't expect Raye to not shock you. And Andrew... *whistles*
Characterization: 11/10! :D
Once again, Liam didn't seem as special to me as he should've been. I liked him but if I was Nova I'd have reacted a lot differently. Did I mention I don't think I can talk to ghosts?
No...? Basically it's realistic. But not really scary as I can't.

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