March 13, 2013

Reviewing... [12] Thief!

Malorie Blackman month is done with Char @ From The Shadows I Review. Check this awesome blog out for more Malorie Blackman stuff SOON! :D


Author: Malorie Blackman (because we're dedicating month to her books which are all very highly acclaimed...).

Recommended for: Teens and under...


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Sometimes when you look at your reading experience of a book in retrospect you realize you bit off more than you could chew... You didn't expect the unexpected.
I wolfed this down. Hindsight doesn't make that more true.
Ideally there would have been a twist earlier than 80% of the way through but for some reason I was hooked before that. The rest was less unpredictable unfortunately- I had a sense of Deja Vu (just because this isn't the start of my Dystopian journey at all) with some of the dystopian elements which is sort of a positive as it did mean that it was more vivid. I would have expected a bit of a different scene for the world in the 2040's but little areas of the book helped the reader to understand why it was like this; just withholding a vital piece of information until more than three quarters of the way through... It tells you something that even though I might not have done things the same way I still loved it...

Perhaps I didn't fall of my chair (I was reading on my bed anyway... 
that tired when you won't sleep)
Even despite not being the most unique in terms of plot (how many times do characters have to try & change the past which isn't great?) her storytelling skills are exemplary. How do you manage to pull of a plot that was partly given away (oh, synopsis you helped)? FESS ALL!
To be completely fair the futuristic element of this book isn't common in Malorie Blackman's books so it was a great addition to her variety of books. Girl, you rock that dystopian town (/genre)!

The characters were totally real and important to this book, entwined. I loved seeing the balance between loyalty and distrust in such a clear way. Lydia was an excellent- and believe it or not, was twelve- protagonist. She developed really brilliantly. Same as Fran who for some reason was just so cute. I normally only collect book boyfriends but guess what? I'm collecting little sisters now too!
Wait... can I have a little brother too? Aww, Danny!
The characters were all really realistic and their actions were really... Just...

Yes, I want one... UP TOP Malorie Blackman ~ for your characters emotion!

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