July 31, 2013

Summer's here! A wrap-up for the previous...

Darlings, I know you’re confused.
OK, you might not be but technically I wrote a sort of wrap up at the end of... hmm, I don't remember when. But these quarterly wrap-up's are necessarily happening & monthly ones? They've gone out of the window... I'll tell you now, probably in September there will be a back to school wrap up. For now, you've got this attempt. These are the only ones I've had the ideas for... Be thankful, your mind can be put at rest... Amy is actually organized now. Why now after getting back into the swing of relaxed Summer (OK, it’s only July... ugh. August might be boring! I hope not...) should I write another wrap-up? Why not do... well, different things?
Do you think I can mix it up more? Here's what's been happening, and yes, I'm telling you, now, what I've done for quite a long time... These at least date back to June!
I know I did this 'It's Monday' which was sort of what I do in wrap-up's anyway (you might forget what I've been reading!) & I'd even put some of the content which definitely belonged in one of these, about the indie (an "indie wrap-up" shall we call it) month & the books I'd received... You guessed it! The other post got called a book haul...
I quite liked that post, actually. So, I'll say: I've mentioned specifically indie maybe, since May (I'm not going to link to another past post -.-)... That’s fantastic as that’s mostly what I read but it’s not all I read. Which you may have seen (did knowing I was in Team Fox help? Hehe, Liebster!)

I also was making progress with my goals...

Goal 1. Keep getting blogger friends ;) And have 100 blog followers.

Well... I'm sure with bloglovin' (I don't have it, just the link to my blog), feedburner, feedly & GFC I have 100. May I quickly say? HA. I was right, GFC stayed! I've got quite a nice following, but you know what I really, really like? MY BLOGGER FRIENDS! *hugs* You know who you are... If I listed them I'd miss someone out so just trust me... I have friends. How? I don't know.
Well, one of my friends is really nice! She said this post would be interesting... You really must tell me what your opinion on that is, reader. Anyway, shout out to Gee Walters who blogs at BAW Junior... Now you want to see what that acronym stands for, don't you? Well... I'll be here when you come back. To comment. Maybe? /Completed

2. Either keep up my two meme's or have new ones- must do two different ones     during May/June.
I did this. Book Blogger Confessions was only cut down a little after the buzz in April with an extra Monday being present... Oh wait, due to laptop issues. Well, I did it a little bit here! I didn't stop completely, and won't... Just wait! I also participated in What’s Next?, It’s Monday, What Are You Reading, Top Ten Tuesday... And the book haul was for a different "haulin' meme" but even so... that's another one! If you count the #reviewparty review on Monday as a kinda meme-type thing (it probably will become a meme eventually, early days!) then BAM. I've really done better than I thought... Hooray for expectation exceeding! Let's do this one again (Goal for September & August)...

3. Read 12 books (both months, of which I'll try & read 6/6 male/female author- or at least 5/7!)     You know much of what I read but do you know how many?
I read (and reviewed) the first lost of six in May, but this post only dates back to June remember (yeah, ignore the fact these targets were for both months).
I began Fire  in May, but finished during June... It was the 7th to help me reach this mid-year goal... And then... Runners (reviewed late, in June), Far Out, The Jackie Chan Fan Club, Tethers (have you not seen this review? That's because it wasn't at this blog... Rita @ Weaving pages has seen it... because we did it together! Apart from that, I'm keeping shushed about it for the rest of July... Ask me in August!), my last read was Noble Conflict which obviously was reviewed after the indie month for a should-be-apparent reason. Phew... Lots of linking! They're links to the 6 books I read in June, all together & a link to a blogger friend/soul sister! :P
Umm... Yeah, even though its now the holidays (it hasn't even been a week yet) I've only read 5 others after those? SAY WHAT? 5...? Maybe this isn't exceeding my expectations, but oh well... I can do better now. Although...  /Completed
Bonus (mini review of a short story): Once Upon A Tag

Now: Goal for August & September...
Read 15 books overall & a bit more by male authors! Quite a nice target, I think.

4. Have 3000 blog views by May 31st (at midnight).
Don't even ask about stats... Wait! You didn't?


*begins to feel mean about not telling you my stats so spills* well... I reckon it was before May 31st I did. But I hadn't actually transferred over to Google Analytics then, so I can't be sure. I know my page viewing stats have been moderately good so I'll just say I'm happy with successes regarding this & not set myself a target. /Completed

5. Tell you about awesome stuff (not just books)- I mean, there's a meme called 'Cat Thursday'. If that's not a good opportunity... What be good?
Well, I didn't specifically do Cat Thursday and I'm sure this was a joke goal... We only really care about the books ;) Well, no... Not true. Maybe I should do my 'joke goal' forever? Well, incase you don't like that idea I'm setting it as a 'Goal for September & August'.

There's 3 which continue & I'm not setting it as an official goal but I should have a review archive up soon as I've heard they are much appreciated... Amy Bookworm will find out ;)

Now, I haven't talked about books enough...
When I updated you generally last official wrap-up (I said I wouldn't link it, but now I will- here you go!) I mentioned that I had completed the challenge for reading Books By A Woman Author (See SUPER GIRL post + tag, also short stories not included).
So, what are the rest of my challenge/Reading Stats (read/total needed) for this "period of time"...
I obviously managed to top my last achievement for the British Book Challenge (See this blog page, here are the reviews - some count towards women author challenge too, doesn't include short stories even if tagged). Before the books mentioned above, and then May, I’d only read five books, one of which was indie! Perhaps I felt like I had to amp that up? XD So... yeah. I'm back to the 'five books a month'. Every quarter starts like this (July is technically in a separate quarter but I felt sorry for June, April was the start of quarter 2 & January... only 5 books then as well... what is this?!)
*skims over the past, and really unimpressive stats, and flies into the future*
What are your bookish plans for the Summer? Also, if you have a wrap-up post, for the month or whatever, feel free to link it & I'll fly by on my way to September ;) Now... also, what was the enjoyment factor (that's the second main thing... books > enjoyment)?
June/July have been fairly great, even with school! (: I made lots of visits (like in comment/interview style as I was busy reviewing @ Once Upon A Series), read lots, met loads of great authors and book bloggers & even did my 1st character interview!... I did a lot. I'm not going to mention it in the 'goodbye speech'. Wait, goodbye speech...? ONLY Til' next time (otherwise known as in August, duh)!...


Rita said...

Hehe! *waves* Helloooo Amy!! I'M MENTIONED!! *sings badly* Heyyy Soul Sisterrrr.... That's enough..Great Recap!! And yes: ssshhhh! My lips are sealed about the Tethers review!! :D

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm mentioned too! :D Hehe. My acronym.
You read some cool books! I really need to read Runners. :)

-Happy reading for Aug/Sept! BAW (=D) x

Unknown said...

The blogosphere is seriously an amazing place to meet and chat with other bloggers and bookaholics, so my goal is also to keep getting blogger friends. :)

I posted my first round-up type post earlier (I didn't do one my first month blogging).
You can check it out here: http://readingismytreasure.blogspot.com/2013/08/looking-back-on-july.html

Unknown said...

My bookish plans for the summer are to attack my outstanding ARC Pile and read The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones before the movie comes out!

Congrats on your 100 followers, Amy!

AwesomeAmy said...

ASDFGHJK... That's my response to Rita who I have more that enough replied to on her blog. Oh & RITA: I shall reply to today's comment when I can. Just a head's up! :D

@Gee @ BAWJ: Your blogger name has revealed it *hides the answer* You are mentioned, of course! *gives hug* IT WAS SORT OF INTERESTING BUT NOT AS MUCH AS SOME. SO! Thanks. You gonna go read lots now... LEAVE ME BEHIND! *sniffles* Runners, ja. Read that. Or Sky Song. I prefer Sky Song. GO READ SKY SONG.

@Kaitlin @ RIMT: YESSSSHHH. I like your goal too Kaitlin! I met you and just... like, *high fives* Am going to see your wrap-up now. Thanks for popping in again!

@Sophie: OOH, you commented here. *is happy* Don't mention City Of Bones movie ;) Wait, I could read it before the movie comes out! My TBR shall see... And yes, in a way a TBR is a personal organizer so... bleh. MUST ATTACK IT THOUGH.
I have more like 150 followers now. I probably do but it involves addition which is just... *yawns & waves sleepily*

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