April 19, 2013

Special: Feed My Reader Friday & Page 99 Test (of Lost Girl)

Ideally, today's...
(I say today's but I mean my first) and Page 99 Test (first here, more about that later)
would be somehow related... But they aren't. This isn't the 99th page of an ebook I fed my reader or an ebook at all... I'm not entirely sure if it'd work on all ebooks. Any I fed my reader? I don't know! If you're interested in seeing me try that someone let me know... But until then, here's the 99 page test first!
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the 99 page test earlier... Especially as it was in February I discovered the 99 page test (created by Ford Madox Ford). The test makes complete sense- as you can see by the screenshot below 99 pages is often about a quarter of the way through (give or take a little percentage of the novel).

I was reading The Lost Girl and discovered the test on my 99th page. Isn’t that special? The test did work for this book! Woo! On this page it’s Mina Ma’s last conversation with Eva I believe- she says words which Eva will remember. She refuses to forget Sean, and that’s important for the book and its premise- what will Eva do? Will she betray a maker who didn’t have the right to give her life- and even less right to take it away? Or perhaps she’ll forget Sean. Or try to.
Anyway, Page 99 Tests can normally be found on Char's blog (@ From The Shadows I Review). I feel bad because I haven't linked to her for 3 weeks but that's the truth- she learnt about the test and doesn't use it as a reflection to see if it works (like I am here- believe me, it's not the only time I've used it since which is why I thought it might be more interesting to post about how much it can decide on the quality for me before). Hers is also often on a Friday & doesn't include any more spoilers than I am here! :D Check hers out...

And also check out my Feed My Reader books!

My kindle is the second one- Kindle Fire FTW (no offence obviously,
 it's about the books not the e-reader!)

Anyone can feed their reader (including yourselves as readers, ooo- pun!) if it's portable or you reading PDF's on a computer screen! So... I've mentioned my Kindle and it's applicable to me (this Friday meme that runs weekly) even if I'm not a Galleyer (yet) and try to cut down on Amazon freebies. Of course, sometimes I get giveaway copies & reviews ebooks too! There's lots of ways one acquires ebooks. It's too easy to get them really...
And the host of Feed my reader Friday, I Am A Reader, Not a Writer understands this!
So thank you meme creator! This is a blog hop, so feel free to visit the other blogs on the linky list at that blog (edit: I know... it's silly for me to join in a week there's no linky up, there may not be for a few weeks but leave a link below if you do one & I'll check it out- UNOFFICIAL LINKIES FTW!).

Even though I haven't done this meme before I'm not going to show you over 50 ebooks... You probably have seen many on the blog before.
I've decided to just mention the ones bought this month! I would mention the ones most anticipated but... well, I've probably read them or are. You can hear more about them later (:

TRUE by Rae Alvarez (B00C3U1PJ0) 
The School Gates by Nicola May (B009583W2G)
First Kiss by J. Tomas (B0096QBQNE)
Dare to Love by Rosemarie Naramore (B008GO53O0
Glamour (Rae Wilder #1) by Penelope Fletcher (B00480OPOK)
The Amulet (Custodian Novel #1) by Alison Pensy (B002P67HYO)

The Whispers of the Sprite (The Whispers series #1)  by
Joanna Mazurkiewicz (B009MBUW8I)
FRY by Lorna Dounaeva (B00BSGIDRM)
Fly Birdie by Jo Robinson (B009GDHVUE)

The Visitation by Jo Robinson (B009DX4JDY)


Trish Hannon said...

Love the 99 page test, I am going to do it on my blog for a special book, its on my to-do list! As is The Lost Girl, well that's on my to-read list! Some great covers there on your Feed My Reader. Dare to Love looks and sounds cute. Happy Reading :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, those are some interesting covers there! :) I picked up a few, I hope I'm doing this right!

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