April 08, 2013

3 Things [6]: Books. Their Promos [#4]

Today I have 3 Things. Books.
I rated 1 + 2 4* & not just cos they are raising money for charity! I did get both for free and they were different reasons. Here are the mini-reviews:

#1: Promo + mini review [19]:
This is a short story. Please purchase it to show your support for the UK-based charity- Winston's Wish (which interestingly was mentioned in Black Heart Blue's afterword).

              What I Thought Of It:

In Tony Gilbert's The Cloud Diary we come to hear a six-year old boy's stream of consciousness regarding a cloud entering his life- this is discerned as becoming friends with the cloud through the means that imaginary friends are always made. The cloud isn't just here to listen but to be tangible and steadfast. It's a direct, stunningly sweet story of a boy gaining knowledge on a confusing world through quite a period of time and it captures you from the words 'I saw a cloud'. I think that even though its a lengthy amount of time it doesn't seem like it but still is quite moving. The lasting impression I gained was that rain isn't bad... It shows us that a soul understands. I think children will understand the morals and do recommend it.

Tony's Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

#2: Promo + mini review [19.5]

Both are lyrical so even if you don't like books show your support for this sort of a collection (but two) of short poetry that will help a different charity but one also worth the donation. I believe you can get a paperback but not via Amazon.

What I Thought Of It:
These really are quite well defined as hitting and tragic. I liked the first the most even though the last caused that beautiful cover. I wouldn't have picked it up for the first one but I appreciated the tangible creepiness of 'The Clock Girl'. Neither were light but both had a feeling of a good ending.
The Clock Girl has amazing imagery and repetition which added such splendour. In contrast you felt that 'Life is all but a vast array of Colours' was fresh and more emotive. It was reflective of life and felt sort of fragile but strong at the same time. Maybe what certain people feel like? It's fantastic!
Not many authors can write poetry and other novels, Dan obviously can as he used to work as a freelance writer.

Dan's Twitter Amazon Goodreads | Website |


As well as writing for magazines (there are several he has), Dan actually writes other collections- this time of short stories. It's a proper collection called 'The Caseworker’s Memoirs'. I have not read this title so my pitch isn't unique.

"Phobias can ruin lives, whilst some dictate and others poke fun, but the seven cases that keep Malcolm up at night range from the bizarre to the psychotic. This is Malcolm’s attempt to rid himself of his pent-up guilt, his emotional involvement with his former occupation, but perhaps most of all, his attempt to have a purpose in life."
See more here (including book trailer).

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