April 05, 2013

Reviewing... [18] Black Heart Blue

I read just her name and our birthday and then the day she'd died.**
There were no special words.

Reviewing [18]

Author: Louisa Reid*
Source: Library borrow.

Recommended for: **for those who've read the synopsis you know that well... it's not exactly a book aimed at kids... Teens, maybe. It's a crossover novel & I do recommend it to anyone who can handle it! Watch the trailer & see what you think.

*As always I link to GR with the hope you'll find them in other ways from there. With the Amazon & GR integration I may start linking to Twitter- not yet though even though it's been awesome to tweet Louisa Reid.

This book may just be ever so haunting after those horrifingly engaging 274 pages (that's the whole novel). I quite liked the depth and sombreness- it just was portrayed so well in contrast to the up points of the novel. There were some of those and I felt more for Rebecca as she seemed to be taking the blows. Rebecca may have Treacher Collins but she much less strange compared to Hephzi. It was perfectly normal that she was calling them 'The Parents'. That's what they were, at least. We don't just hear Rebecca's point of view on their life and family (if it can be called that... Dystopian families exist! It might not be a genre but hell on wheels- this is the family you won't forget).
Reid does write the novel with such vibrance. I choose that word as it's subtle and powerful at the same time. There's little clues and hints and moments when your breath is stolen.
I don't want to lighten the review too much with this GIF so...
"I keep my hurt hidden, remember?" [Quote]

Lots seem to think that The Father was worse than The Mother. I think the worse part is Louisa hasn't used a career or assumptions to The Mother. She just is plain pathetic. Like Hephzi finds, they are the people that annoy the hell out of me the most. Yes, Roderick is seen as a pillar of the community and I feel for the daughters discovery that people can be blinded- not just by love, but by expectations... and? I still feel like the Mother is the one that I couldn't even look in the eyes.
You may understand by the end... I wouldn't have believed even 75% through that I'd have hated The Mother more... I don't think Rebecca kept her hate in the end though. I think she just knew there was a reason she'd be born into a Dystopian family. That was the perfect wrap-up.
It's a novel... There are reasons. Big reasons why there is good and bad in this novel. I, as the reader, filled in those reasons aided by every paragraph of every page. The split narrative opened my mind as I found out more and I'm not exaggerating when I say I could probably compare the narrative's and keep on gushing but I already have to Louisa. It's perfectly written, the mix of characters in the Village (including Archie + family) is astounding & I highly recommend you at least watch the trailer as I've mentioned it before...
I honestly can't fault Black Heart Blue; it deserves every fragment of the stars given...

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Trish Hannon said...

Sounds great, will be checking it out for myself. Written with vibrancy now that's hard to resist.

BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

Annabelle Hammond said...

I loved this book despite the harsh reality and how hard hitting it is. This is a great review!

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