April 03, 2013

Reviewing... [17] Endless (Cresent #1)

...I will not finish Endless. Wait, sorry. This is the review. Which means it wasn’t Endless, despite the title... and my thoughts.
...See the review.

Reviewing [17]

Author: Matt Bone
Source: From Astro Impossible books as a runner-up prize (discovered through goodreads- firstreads giveaway)
Recommended for: people who like the following books- GenesisThe Name of the WindEvery Other Day and also Jack Croxall (because we discussed it!)

It’s a bit of a shocker that although I did start understanding a ton of what was happening in Part 2 it would take half the book until I could have correct conviction that something was going to happen (and I didn't know this, but here's a BONUS: this book doesn't end on a cliffhanger!). I was asked why this book seemed to be taking me a while (a question I cannot blame anyone for asking) and my answer was not that this was a bad book. It’s not.
So y'know... It IS good but the chapters are pretty darn long (it seems on the kindle at least where I can't flick to see the next chapter start otherwise it'll mess up).

Part of the reason Endless took me quite so long was that Matt kept breaking this *points at heart*
Sort of... I was a bit like this:

 photo pout.gif
Why do you have to use the relentless tragedy technique? ARE YOU SHAKESPEARE Matt?
Yes... Clarification is needed, I did compare Endless to Shakespeare just because it does have drama and lots of stuff (aka. paragraphs full of words) that didn't make sense to me... Shakespeare made up words and phrases... Matt just uses ones I don't know... In other words... thank goodness I was reading it on a kindle (a built in dictionary is a fab resource)!
So, we've discussed Endlessnessy* and the massive chapters plus the tragedy/drama/dystopia/romance/fantasy/sci-fi crossover fiction element... Now I need to recommend that the subtitle to 'Endless' is...
Clever Characters.
I'm not kidding. Things kept happening which had quite a lot of potential- but perhaps I was expecting a predictable story with characters who do the stupid thing... It should be a good thing that traps are lain & not stepped into... But you have to ask... Why did the author leave that trap we thought they'd go into? Maybe I was just imagining these traps and shouldn't have been confused by their actions (you'll get what I mean very near the end)... Remember, these are just my thoughts.
If you think there are absolutely no comparisons between Matt & Shakespeare's writing that's fine. If you do, I'm glad you're not just focusing on the differences (there are many too- I don't literally mean he is Shakespeare).

I think the characters are timeless and in depth, not rotten at the core but they don't have a heart of gold either. Some of them just haven't been woken up from their mindset (or part of it, the flawed part). obviously, flaws are human & characters just aren't realistic without them... It was impressive!

*yes, this is a made-up word. Endlessnessy sounds right though... Doesn't it?

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