May 06, 2013

Book Blogger Confessions [#6] Reading Challenges... YAY!

Hosted by For What It's Worth and Midnyte Reader
Reading challenges: Do you host or join in any? What is your success rate on completing them? Do they keep your reading goals on track, put too many restrictions/pressure on you? What do you think makes for a successful reading challenge?

I don't join challenges in abundance (and haven't hosted one). I always tell myself that the Goodreads Challenge is a minimum- it keeps me on track reading a book a week (or more). I may change it late on but yes, it's started at 52 both my GR years!
This is (and has been yearly) a good start- it's a simple challenge that gets you in the community. I don't consider it too imposing but see why it's not for everyone (some people don't like cataloguing books at all). 
My Goodreads Challenge & my British Book Challenges read amounts don't really fluctuate & they are the same- what I don't count for one (ie. short stories) don't count for the other. I'm also only reading British Books until I've reached the aim- that's 50. That means a slight number will be tagged on the end that aren't by authors living/born in the UK.
I wouldn't consider challenges if books read for one couldn't crossover. I think this is how challenges are kept fun- you can perhaps read one book that counts for several and that's a boost (I'd never decide which challenge a book counted for). 
Recently I've found that challenges where you don't link up reviews and completion posts to be half the challenge they could be. I like finding more books even if I find more than I read because on the way you often find reviewers, genres or authors that are absolutely amazing. You end up enjoying the challenging- it's not just about numbers. Set an achievable target & watch as your enjoyment & book count soar.

Cheer on "Challenge FC", yeah? XD Perhaps pop over to a certain
challenge competitor (if you think of them as that) & wave the pom-poms?
<--- It was a Football weekend really...

Challenges, for me, are great. I don't often lag behind- I don't really think you can fail a challenge. There's often different levels and everybody experiences the challenge in different ways. If somebody, somewhere is getting something out of it (ie. they aren't reading half the books they would) then it's worth it. It doesn't matter if they add pressure or have restrictions as long as it's accessible. Often you may have a rough idea of what you read but aren't sure how you'll plan it out or if you'll reach it. Well, go easier on yourself.
If the challenge comes later when you really put your blogger heart into it then that's fine. Just keep reaching for the moon, you'll land among the stars- yes?
Challenges can be eye-openers. You can realize you read a certain thing much more than you thought- it often isn't a fluke for me (hmm... apart from the UK element, even so I read about half/half before!) or frankly you might just be heading in a new, different direction. The BBC (yeah, same abbreviation as this meme, oops) has really helped me explore fantastic UKYA. It's got to the point where I know I'm not just reading for the sake of it (yeah, I may not have known what to expect *shifty eyes*). 
Authors, I'm not meaning to include one over another but if you hadn't guessed- it's a challenge which I am falling in love with. There are plenty more goals and challenges I set myself. This is just the obvious one (:

It's OK if you react to challenges like I do! *cough* You get into them... *cough*
I'm actually, these days, considering & enjoy signing up for read-a-thons and other short while challenges- things that I hope to get into & feel the pressure. Challenges are odd... Pressure, then no pressure, then.... Yeah, well.


Rose VAcademy said...

I only join the GoodReads challenge!!!It's a nice way to know how many books you have read.So far,I've completed all my challenges!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really into challenges because I think they would be restricting - I like the complete and total freedom of no challenges. I do the Goodreads one just to keep track of the books I've read - I don't really see it as a 'challenge' because you can change the number whenever you want.

Trish Hannon said...

I only have my own Dust off your Classics Challenge and that really is a challenge to make me pick up something I wouldn't otherwise. It's only 6 books a year though.

Apart from that I read for fun, entertainment and stress relief so I don't want to start putting myself under pressure to read x amount of books. I don't really need to anyway, reading is a natural to me as breathing!

BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

Midnyte Reader said...

I like the GR challenge so I can keep track of how many books I've read. I also like it when books crossover into more than 1 challenge. I love what you said about it being impossible to "fail" a reading challenge.

Karen said...

I tried picking challenges where I was already reading that type of book but as soon as I joined I stopped reading that genre lol

The Goodreads one is about right for me. Just add up whatever I'm reading - increase the goal as needed lol

Florentine Readiculously Peachy said...

I believe sometimes readers accept more things also with the pressure of perhaps the competition around them (aka other book bloggers). I try not to make myself crazy about it, but sometimes catch my stressing about trying to finish a book for an author as soon as possible. I think this is bad, and you should enjoy the book rather than rushing through it :)

"Just keep reaching for the moon, you'll land among the stars"
- I love that!!

Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy

Megan McCooey said...

I have never joined a challenge, well unless you consider Book-it from elementary school a challenge!! I like to have freedom in my reading and while I often read two or three books a week sometimes. I think with a challenge I would push myself too much and probably turn my dirty little reading vice into a full blown addiction. Bring on the padded room!! I have started Manic Monday's on my blog that forces me to read one extra book outside of my TBR list. It also showcases a new Indie author every week, gets my readers involved in who wins and lets the author have a moment to shine.

AwesomeAmy said...

Disclaimer: This week (and most) Thursday's my free night so here I am!

@Rose: Did you increase your Goodreads Challenge then like I sometimes do?

@moonlight: I think there is a risk challenges will stop you being free but if I felt like that I'd break free XD

@Trish: I do know of your challenge :P Classics don't come naturally to many, do they? :L

@Pam: Thanks! I think without crossovers it'd seem more like just about a number you read. This challenge + this one & so on. Gah, could I cope? Nu-uh.

@Karen: That's a pity- Goodreads is no doubt the most popular "challenge".

@Florentine: It shouldn't be too competitive, a bit is healthy XD That quote is totally stolen though- I've heard it so much!

@Megan: Ah, I wish I'd read this before yesterday's post. I feel really evil now XD I like to challenge myself little by little in addition if the challenges themselves aren't too time-consuming/restricting. I do it even when I don't really have time to read so you could call it an addiction :P I know I don't read as much as some, like you! 3 a week? Yikes. I feel less evil now actually...
Manic Monday's sound cool *keeps eyes peeled*

Megan TheBookBabe said...

I do goodreads too! But I really ain't a big fan of challenges, to be honest. They're kind of hard to keep up with. ;)

AwesomeAmy said...

Challenges can be but I create tags & update my sign-up posts (which are hidden using the pages feature so it doesn't confuse those who aren't doing the challenge). I don't do too many but Goodreads is definitely my long-term challenge, I update it so it's not a case of, "Ah. I'm done!" until the VERY end (:

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