May 02, 2013

Hello!... Is it May already? Yeah?

Yeah, hello!
You there...?

Right. MAY!!
Normally I stick with Quarterly Updates because can I really be expected to do a monthly update on/before the 1st of a new month? Well, not sure. It is the first week though & I’m just here (well, it won’t be this concise actually) to say:

May The Fourth Be With You!

I won’t be posting on the fourth. Well, not on the 3rd/5th either (hello Bath- as in the place). I may be busy reading Sci-Fi books. But more likely books that don't actually count as Sci-Fi, just Paranormal. Well, it's still awesome! And must be reading for my first blog tour *raises eyebrows*
I hope I can watch Doctor Who when I'm on holiday (long w/end) AND read lots. It's bad enough not doing a review this week... I want to make up for it next week! And not just because it's the blog tour, ha.
It’s not because I posted two last week, it’s not because I’m in a reading slump & I’m obviously not really going to go on a blogging hiatus (I already blog pretty little but y'know... BLOG TOUR!) I’m not starting a meme-only blog. This blog is still here to spread UKYA & not be dominated by meme’s.
However it’s not my only blog now... I write reviews (I mean, am) for Chrissie's blog, Once Upon A Series. It's got some other new people on the team now & I'm delighted to be writing a few reviews for Chrissie, and other posts too!

There you go, my reveal is over.


Rory waves. Yes, I almost missed it too!

No, no... That’s stupid. What about the...

I'm out of sorts- you're not feeding me enough {wood}!

You get it... Don't you?
Well, actually- it was the kindle's fault. It didn't really have an appetite (unlike me, for real food AND sleep)!
Yeah, I unfortunately didn't have an appetite for tests (shove ‘em in near parents evening for a reason?)
So tests reminds me of something... And it's not a quiz...
I need to have some targets or something (Just so you know I'm only doing this as I've done it on loads of sites I've been on- quite a lot there were stat related) so this month (and the next- I’m working towards my end of June/beginning of July Quarterly Update):
1. Keep getting blogger friends ;) And have 100 blog followers.
2. Either keep up my two meme's or have new ones- must do two different ones during May/June.
3. Read 12 books (both months, of which I'll try & read 6/6 male/female author- or at least 5/7!)
4. Have 3000 blog views by May 31st (at midnight).
5. Tell you about awesome stuff (not just books)- I mean, there's a meme called 'Cat Thursday'. If that's not a good opportunity... What be good?

((OK, I wasn't really reminded of targets because of tests, it was because of challenges!

1. I completed the Woman Challenge (and I don't just mean my level, I read over 16- think 18- books by a woman- so yeah... not just SUPER GIRL).
2. I want to start a new challenge!... "This challenge is for those books that are 2nd in a series, or if you are going back for a second time reading an author that you've experienced only once." (it crossovers with other challenges, all books in 2013 meeting the criteria read count).
I will sign up officially soon for 'Just A Spoonful'*. Five books! More info in sign-up.
So that's an awesome thing- AND I’m backwards (if really so- yay, I’ll have 3000 blog views soon?).
Ooh, no... Today I ain’t doing meme’s. Is this like... Administration?
With awesome stuff! Like Trish's, she's awesome, linkie for YOUR FAVOURITE book. Check it out & add your link to your review:

*Might go higher if it's true that I've read 3 already that count: Malorie Blackman (second time read a book by her), What's Up With Jody Barton (ditto reason) & actually... Bridget Jones: Edge Of Reason (2nd book in series).


Anonymous said...

Heehee, Star Wars and Doctor Who?! Awesome! Also 3000 book reviews?! WHOA! Good luck, Amy!

Have an awesome May. <3

AwesomeAmy said...

Just reach 3000 blog views actually- not REviews XD It's not too amazing... I'm not too far away! If it was reviews I wouldn't have said 7 was good yesterday :P It definitely is! And you want to do more monthly? CRICKEY.
Do you watch Dr Who? I'm thinking of reviewing the whole series after next weekend... Finale :'(
Thanks (:

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