May 08, 2013

Special: Wednesday's edition (It's NOT Monday but what are you reading?)

Morning bookworms (or afternoon, perhaps...)
So, I was thinking about how neither my Quarterly Updates (often combined with something else) or the May wrap-up of sorts really include what I've read. At least not in the same way most bloggers tend to.
When Chrissie @ Once Upon A Series (I blog there now too) talked to me about the post that links to (it's the What Are You Reading meme) I started thinking...

Do I think I read less than lots of you? Yes. I've read 22 books so far this year & I read 66 books last year. Apart from the fact the numbers have stuff in common there isn't anythings special about that. Many read weekly what I read in a month and 66 seems to be about a third of what book bloggers tend to read.

But instead of thinking I don't read a lot I'm going to celebrate that I do read & I do blog (especially since I've read/am reading all the books I mentioned on my Quarterly Update). I may not have abundant free time but I do, and enjoy, both when I have the chance. So I joined in with that meme, OK? I told Chrissie what I read & you can go see too (that is just what I read for that blog though).
You can tell what I'm reading by my reviews but I'd like to tell you a two others.
I completed, and shall be reviewing on Friday, Afterlife Academy for the blog tour (I also did an interview with Jaimie Admans to appear tomorrow on Once Upon A Series)!

And currently I'm reading Me, Suzy P
It's a really good comedy so far!

...I don't exactly know what's up next but it's either ReEarth or one of these (probably Young Moon... that's the last left from my Quarterly Update, perhaps I should've mentioned books last week? Good job I am now).
That page should give you some idea of what I am/will read, yes?

Well, not enough!...
I've decided that (probably not regularly) I'll rewind & take a book blast from the past. If it's regular it'll get an image but for now label it is... And it'll be a Page 99 Test (for reference my only other was here).
I hope I'll do one of them monthly, either in a Feed My Reader (like before) or one of these XD

I realize just selecting randomly from my 2012 Challenge list (I joined Goodreads in 2012 so...) won't necessarily mean I'll feature a UKYA but who cares? I'm not always going to be really selective. I need to get practice talking about books that aren't Brit Lit XD

Does Delirium look like UKYA to you?...
OK, you can't tell by a book cover if it is- it takes research/knowledge!
 So I'll tell you, it's not. But I'm happy as I liked it & hope to read the rest of the series next year
 (and maybe this test will determine if I re-read this or not!)
The Page 99 Test works for Delirium in my opinion!
The reason I think the test works for the 99th page of my edition of Delirium is simply that it's an argument between Lena & Hannah. Both are different girls & their relationship is dynamic in Delirium. Even from this page you can tell that & tell they perceive things differently. Oliver writes this in her amazing way & just from this page I feel sucked in as if I'm there with the characters head moving like I'm watching a tennis match. Except tennis matches don't involve talk of dead mothers- who is important to the book, in one part of my mini-review I said: "It was pretty great because Oliver doesn't just focus on the impact in relationships & how they appear a lot emptier, she focuses on platonic love.", this page shows this both in relationship's remains and the alive one between Lena & Hannah. At the end of the page I want to turn over to see (because I've forgotten) how their relationship fixes. Does Lena continue thinking Hannah is a spiteful snake? Does Hannah take the cure? How do the relationships develop? What has Oliver done...?
I think I'll re-read it next year, ha! *rewind to the future*
...Well, only kidding. I'm not the kids in Doctor Who that will be taken in The Tardis.

With that high note...


Kimberley Jones said...

Hey :)
Nice post :) You definitely read more than I do, and I am a book blogger, too :D I don't think it's important how much someone reads as long as you enjoy reading.
What's the 99th page test?

AwesomeAmy said...

Ach so.
The Page 99 Test = The quote it originates from is, "Open the book to page 99 and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you." It may seem more random than say the first page & it is, but it's fairer- how many first pages are embellished & generally written better (to entice the reader). The first page should do this but will it tell you if you would enjoy the whole thing, not just the first MOST polished bit.
There's a site dedicated to it but I tend to do it for books I've read or want to read- not just random (maybe not even published) books. That's what that site is- it's for the authors more than the readers. I want something more public for the readers either as a reflection or to help myself refine my TBR.

I'm surprised, but glad, to find another book blogger who doesn't read hundreds of books (literally) per year. I do enjoy reading, clearly XD Thanks for stopping by!

Trish Hannon said...

Don't think it matters a bit how many books you read as long as you enjoy them! That's why I have no bother DNF'ing a book, life is too short.

I'm a big fan of Delirium so relieved that the page 99 test works out OK!

AwesomeAmy said...

@Trish: I do agree in some ways but it must matter for publishers (lots look at # of reviews) amongst other things. Some book bloggers turn it into a big deal & if I'm honest I get more jealous about books read than things like book hauls... So many of my friends are on track for targets to read hundreds of books. How has anyone has had the time to read 50 books so far? XD I wish I did, hence the envy. I am lucky with what I enjoy. I haven't DNF'd much but some books I'm just like... NO MORE!
*high fives Delirium fan*

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