May 17, 2013

Reviewing... [24] Me, Suzy P

They say count your blessings. If you count crazies as blessings Suzy would lose count. Crazy family, crazy friends, crazy life, crazy school... I fully understand if Suzy doesn't want to count her "crazies".
Is it not crazy that the popular girls are such an exaggeration? Yes, Jade apparently was seen "grabbing GHDs, a hair dryer, three different brushes and an armful of products from her locker." Banter, much?

Reviewing... [24]

Author: Karen Saunders
Source: Bought.
Recommended for: Those wanting a click-flick.

This book was one of those endearing books, the ones that have moments which are cute (in a sort of, I don't want to roll my eyes way). I mean seriously... I'll quote Me, Suzy P:
“What do you want to wear feathers on your head for?” Dad says, looking baffled. “Won’t you look like a cockerel?”
I don't think this book would've been so good if there wasn't so many funny passages if I'm honest. I don't how so but the humour seemed to tie it all together! Suzy, and Millie, were definitely absolutely hilarious & I hated it when they weren't getting on...

 Regardless of all the mushiness it did seem quite serious at some points. Nothing really stood out for me as "a big issue", I had to go "fictional peat" digging (that's not a bad thing even if it didn't sound it) to find all the moralities. I did appreciate that Suzy just had to keep getting up & brushing herself off.
But there were some things I didn't understand. I know to some these may not seem blatantly self-focused but I genuinely think you cannot think this just because you're single. How does one think the whole world is coupled off?  There were characters in it that clearly didn't have someone... It's life. How much you are willing to groan at all the couples crossing your path just because you feel unhappy? I can't picture that image... I tried. I really did; it started to interfere with the the lighthearted vibe this book had given off.
There are many ways to be happy. Just with your friends, just by reading or watching something good. Trying to make certain guys jealous isn't supposed to be one of them. Please, just please, do something else.

Unfortunately this book just wasn't my total cup of tea (I don't even like tea, bad metaphor). I found it funny yet it could've been more relatable to me (ooh, I could totally relate to sausage losing Germans though) personally.

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated Me, Suzy P

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