May 20, 2013

Reviewing... [25] Secrets, Lies & Locker 62

What would be your response if I said my locker was number 62?... Well, not the only one. There's like 5 Locker 62's at our school probably... They have letters before them, that ruins it a bit.
The reason I'm telling you is because I'm thinking how awesome it'd be if I'd found it in my locker. So maybe oprene of the other "Locker 62's" would like me to hack their locker & put this in. But probably not... And I like this book too much. ((I'm going to just call this book 'Locker 62' in this review)).

Reviewing... [25]

Author: Lil' Chase 
Source: Bought.Recommended for: YA contemporary fans (:

This book is just so much more than other "school stories". It's not even set in a boarding school, but this book is sensational. Or should be in more than one way. There's just the teeny weeny matter that it only has less than 50 ratings (Goodreads). It's on a few piles to be read... And if you ask me it should be one of the top ones.
Why? Technically I should've started Boys For Beginners first... However, this one sounded more serious, interesting & more what I was in the mood for. So I ignored, and am still not paying much attention to, the due date for Boys For Beginners, and proceeded to shove this in my school bag.
It would not stay there. Far too addictive, Locker 62 is definitely in my Top 5 for the books I've read this year. This book isn't a light read but it is an easy read & is dotted with humour.
For example, a quote I loved:
"Oh, and let's make him a Sagittarius- they are so sexy!" ...Sure.

I found it so easy to get into Maya's head. She's not the most likeable and seems to attract mixed opinions from the other characters. If I was getting such mixed messages all the time & dealt with it all very well. She walked on the fence between "cool" and "uncool". I personally adored how it wasn't as clear as she thought. The lines started to blur and the figuration of her thoughts and promises to herself started to shift. I understand her difficulty at school and I understand the majority of the characters.
I think secrets & labels are siblings... There are the things which aren't your character, they are public & they can be devastating. Labels. Beyond your reputation but tied so effectively in are secrets. The scrawled words pouring out from the heart.
Some people want to get an upper hand...
Maya has so much power & I hadn't predicted it but she doesn't revel in this power at all. Very few know she has this power & she would rather not "sell secrets" in anyway. She's definitely herionesque in that way...  It's all in her hands, or is it?
Although there is a lot of diversity in the book and to some point in the secrets if you read between the lines everybody relates to each other. I relate, it's so honest & to the point even though there is a lot of mystery. If you're into fast-paced books this is for you! The only critism really is the fact that it ended less polished. It was a good ending but it could've been less succinct.
It's definitely worth a read! So. Brilliant.

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated Secrets, Lies & Locker 62

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Trish Hannon said...

School story, fasted paced, good humour and mystery. That ticks a lot of boxes for me :-)

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