May 30, 2013

Reviewing... [27] Boys For Beginners

Messing with quotes (in bold) because they were too good:
“’re... you’re the gingerest person in the world!” (pg 193)
That wouldn't hurt, he knows he is... Wait, no he's not! I am.
Yes, I'm proud of it...
Kimba's response (pg. 101) “Does lack of dress sense count as a disability?” I can tell that’s Kimba being mean.
It doesn't hurt... "It's not dress sense! I didn't dress up as a ginger, I was born like it. Your hair colour however? That was out of a bottle." BURN.

Reviewing... [27]

Source: Library. Author: Lil' Chase
Recommended for: Girls who aren't proper girly (but probably younger YA/pre-teen)

Once again, Lil' Chase has written a humorous book with a serious side. The serious side wasn't as big but it was there alright allowing Boys For Beginners to become one of those worthy, quotable contemporaries (as you can see above).
I may not have been as interested in the idea of emphasis being put on a football fanatic who is friends with tons of boys, and girls...? To her, they're crazy. Yes, her. I didn't know if I'd like the fact she was so obviously not girly yet but would be transform into much more of a "GIRL". 
It was done well, and she was told she was "acting like a muppet" (pg 123). Her response?
“I’m just acting like your precious girlfriend Jenny Gregson. You don’t say this stuff to her.”
“Because you’re different to her.”
Hallelujah! Yes, we're not all popular mean girls who need make-up like others need water. Some of us are girly (I might even confess to this on some days- not today, I'm wearing no make-up now) & perhaps sort of popular. What type of more girly girl will Gwynnie learn to be? Can we trust her to stop playing with footballs?... Is she being someone she's not?
That's the moral of the story & it's not being preached at all. This is a light-hearted tale & I hate to say it but it won't appeal to everyone. Luckily it appealed to me just like others by this author but it won't speak to everyone & I cannot guarantee it's the easiest to cotton on to. It's either understandable or it really seems like a load of gibberish. What will it be for you readers?

I'm asking you something! *raises eyebrows* Read it?
I couldn't really hate Gwynnie, she's one of those main character's who wasn't made to be likeable. It's quite thought-provoking thinking about other characters & their flaws in comparison. Are we seeing too many Mary-Sue's? If you think you are, and they are one of your pet peeves (like they are mine) then read this. You will pleasantly be surprised to see that there are girls who can make such a ton of effort and yet still doesn't have tons of boys falling at her feet over anything other than her football skills. She definitely has them & Gywnnie may not be the quiet, bookish type but she somehow manages to be A-MAZING!
Both 'Boys For Beginners' and the characters are real. Start to finish I was captivated so once again, I recommend this. If nothing else at least borrow it from the library so if you don't like it... Well, you know!
I think any of Lil' Chase's novels are worth the read, I'll be looking out for more. Will you?

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated Boys For Beginners

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Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

I started reading this book, but it wasn't for me and I didn't finish it. Glad you enjoyed it though!

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