May 25, 2013

Entertainworm: BBC's Doctor Who Series 7 [An Overview]

~If you haven't watched Series 7 but wish to not know the result, or my opinions, click away!~
Series 7 began with the "Asylum of the Daleks” where we meet the most insane Dalek of them all, Souffle Girl. Oswin insists that she has managed to fend off the Daleks, not just make souffles. Neither the Doctor, Amy or Rory are aware that Clara is of such intelligence and emotion she has become a Dalek Cyborg- one who cannot kill the Doctor. And neither can the other Daleks, the conclusion is none of them know who he is. Oswald seems pretty remarkable... Can she get better?

To be honest I don’t remember much of the second and third episodes. Let’s just they weren’t as critically acclaimed as the previous episode and the following “The Power Of Three”. Essentially an episode about black boxes which the Doctor cannot figure out. Are they part of a Big-Brother-esque campaign to watch humanity?... Will they drive the Doctor insane? Timelord turned insomniac, the Doctor watches, and watches and, well, is very impatient. Even the TARDIS hasn’t been a cat so how is he supposed to know what’s inside seemingly ordinary boxes? They start to blend in with everything else in the world becoming paperweights and building blocks. All the time being watched by Brian Williams. All the time undergoing tests- they are indestructable.
BBC images. Not my own... obviously :P
UNTIL... they start to activate. They all have different “functions”, some completely harmless but obviously the Doctor has the laser-firing one! :P Suddenly ‘7’ is illuminated on the cubes surface- it’s a count down til’ the point at which quite a number of hearts shall stop. Including one of the Doctor’s (he can’t cope with one heart, how does humanity do it?) Although his heart is restorted billions haven’t been. This is the point at which the Doctor can swoop in, saving the day in another fantastic episode.

ANGELS TAKE MANHATTAN next. I'm capitalizing that because it’s a scream. A cry. Manhattan took the Ponds! So glad I don’t live in Manhattan. Do you need a reason? Yes, Rory couldn't be saved & that means Amy would wish to go too... As heartbroken as the Doctor was it was the right ending; I like how River could do a sort of something about it whereas the Doctor? He’s a lost timelord who really needs to watch a certain video once done with that fabulous afterword! *heart breaks* The video he needs to watch? It's the cutest storyboard ever! Have you watched?

When she was little... If you thought Clara was a timelord!

Then what did I think of The Snowmen? *shivers* Halloween may not be the creepiest holiday sci-fi wise! This was actually a mid-series episode. That’s weird for Christmas episodes but it was good- it meant we wouldn't be given as little episodes in 2013... We wouldn't be on a cliffhanger about Clara, well... not for too long anyway! It didn't take ages really ;) Just long enough for lots of theories to pop up! But this isn't about the theories yet. This is about the girl who was... well, clueless. She asks ‘Doctor Who?’, and he shortly after tells her to forget him... The worm didn't really work out! And neither did that. Clara’s curiousity controls her actions and it all ends up fine, well... not really, but on a cosmic level. The Great Intelligence's physical's bodies have... well, had a nice little ending. 
Anyway, Oswin's Victorian body... RIP. Clara may have a grave, which is definitely a good reason to die twice... How are you supposed to have a grave when the first time you were left behind as a Dalek Asylum exploded with your obviously insane concious in it?
Well, this isn't the last we saw of the the mysterious Oswin Oswald... We even see Clara as a lil’ one, and this was my favourite theory just for the simple reason a picture said it all.

Clara just so happens to, even if she's not a timelord, meet The Great Intelligence twice. And she may just say "Run you clever boy and remember" lots, too. This time it becomes apparent that the GI can also inhabit machinery... They didn't settle for just Miss Kizlet... She's nothing special. Unlike Clara, the WIFI, The Doctor, River Song & about a million other things, obviously. Like how Clara now has computer skills which'll help the Dalek's... There is no way Clara couldn't accompany the Doctor! So, he's gained a companion who has a certain book... And another book with a leaf in. It's all related to that little child Clara there, and her family. You're probably familiar with all the awesomeness in TBofSJ and also in Rings Of Akhaten- there wasn't a lot of trivia in that episode IMHO but the speech...  'WOOOOAAHH'- in Doctor Who! To be honest I wouldn't like the premise of Episode 7 as much as the actual episode... 
The reverse for  The Cold War (I'm trying to not make this overview too ranty, but obviously... this is just my opinions, spoilers  I'm no TARDIS). The premise was better. It wasn't a bad episode but the links with wolves & so on unfortunately didn't have a deep meaning in the whole series. We can conclude that Clara's impossibility has not got much to do with Rose; it was just a nice reference. We also would easily infer that Clara is fairly... headstrong. That's a good thing, she can appeal to Doctor's, Ice Warriors...

"Hide" is a fantastic title for an equally stunning episode. Short, sweet, snappy title and the episode seemed it likewise. We weren't bombarded with references that would fuel certain theories. We were simply thrown into an episode which'd confuse us very little. I personally don't think just because Clara & Rose both struggled to accept the long-dead Earth they have a strong connection. That's like saying they're connected because they both have hearts.
Talking of hearts, apparently the Doctor has a sliver of ice in one of his hearts. What's the other one? I'm guessing she's not as empathic as she'd like. Perhaps it takes another Doctor to diagnose Doctor Who (or What)?
Just when I though Dr Who couldn't get much weirder I'm proved wrong. Clara starts driving the TARDIS... Brotherly betrayal pops up. Who has the "android" cold emotion? Not Tricky, bless. The TARDIS reveals secrets to Clara but they are snatched away by a man who'd function better if he was an android... Perhaps. OK, android NOT cyberman. I know Clara wouldn't feel safe with a cyberman... But an android would probably be damaged in The Crimson Horror whereas knowing the cringey cyberman they'd be fine!
Well, whovians, what was your reaction to seeing a red Doctor? It's the second time in the series we've seen the proper detective trio. They were probably wondering, like I was, what the Doctor hoped to achieve by taking the 2nd version of Clara to 1893 London... I've got to tell you 1893 must've been a creepy year. This episode was well-paced, dramatic & sort of a twisted fantasy... Bit like The Snowman? Maaaybeee. 
It was such a great episode- the fact that the children found out about her time travelling (and have a picture which isn't ringing bells to this Clara) was completely amazing. How dare they travel in the TARDIS without me? Oh wait, they met cybermen... I am not jealous, they are the "monster" I despise the most. Cybermites *shivers* 
Mr Clever... Wasn't it weird? I struggled to keep up with the fast pace but I think I managed it. I didn't like the title sequence until after this episode. It made more sense having seen the Doctor's face all creepy and with background effects in this episode to see it in the title sequence. Don't ask me why. It was a humourous identity struggle but, seriously... The Man-Who-Will-Not-Reveal-His-Name is such a weirdo... Suppose living thousands of years drives ANYONE insane. Slightly. Luckily we also learnt about Clara and her relationship with him in the episode with amazing Porridge (that sounds weird, doesn't it?). Angie started with my phone (the Samsung Wifi) but may have ended up with a superphone... 
And then they had to rush to reveal Clara to us. In Trenzalore. The Doctor risks a murder most horrid but Clara was born to save the Doctor. And apparently somewhere along the line she would have to meet River... There wasn't conflict there like I imagined (not that I knew they'd meet). Somehow River knows what'll happen & refuses to state what happened to Clara. She saved him. He won't run away... That's what we know! The question, "the question that must not be answered", has been answered. River's daring, ain't she? I was sort of hoping for a conclusion regarding Clara that wasn't a paradox. But obviously, if they can confuse us they will!... 
I sort of dislike that. And the cliffhanger...
*angry face*
Also, why must they insist on having Strax gender-confused every time he's in an episode? Seriously... What does that add? 
I know this wasn't the best substitute for Doctor Who... But hey, it's Saturday! You need Doctor Who in some form. And Big Bang Theory... Which I haven't watched for ages, but hey... Doctor Who was on!
Looking forward to November, aren't you? Catching Fire. Doctor Who *sighs*

ENTERTAINWORM, signing off. Bookworm signing in :D

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