July 16, 2013

C.J Flood is just popping in!

I mentioned in my general post about the book event I went to recently that the highlight was meeting the lovely author of Infinite Sky (link on image), a book I finished on Friday. It was fabulous & I wouldn't blame you if you cried... But I didn't. Dude, I'm cold-hearted regarding book characters (especially when something happens to the one you've most thought of as a character, not a person- that shouldn't give it away!)

So, I asked some questions & I didn't promise an interview as it was more of a chat & we discussed a lot, all of which I'm happy to discuss/mention. But I'll get on with the questions first (and you'll see what I mean!)

General Questions:
(In red is the important bits by me! The more important bits are the responses & stuff).

• For the readers (well... I hope there will be readers), what’s your name & where do you call home (I think I’m right in saying you’ve lived in Derby, Bristol & Norfolk- one of which is the place C.J is popping into, not quite this blog specifically I'm afraid)?

Hi, I'm Chelsey. I grew up in Derby, and now live in Bristol. I would call Derby home though I’m not going to go back there... (I didn’t write down all she said because umm... I didn’t have to, did I? But basically Derby isn’t as culturally rich, it has a lovely environment but not the same Arts and Literature). Obviously Bristol has trees as well! (and did you know Chelsey likes fire and the sea and trees? Well you should it says on her Goodreads page!)

• Is there anything you'd like to say to your teenage self- would you mention being a published author?

I'd say: Don't worry, people are so concerned with themselves and it's never as bad as you think because they aren't as worried about you. Teen me would be very impressed to know I have a book deal. She didn't think people like me could get them.

• (Honestly readers, I wasn't nosy & didn't push for a reveal but Chelsey has an announcement which is still secret- for now... I was wondering if it was an upcoming book hence the next question). Anything to reveal regarding your upcoming books or what you are working on at the movement?

I'm working on 'Ragwoods' (I can't read my handwriting, kill me now if that's misspelt!). It's another standalone about a 13-year old whose solider brother went missing... (OOOH! Will she find him? Can't wait to find out. Simon & Schuster better be nice! *HINT, HINT publishers*)

• I haven’t spoken much about Infinite Sky on the record, so can I ask the reasons for setting it where you did. One of the best features of UKYA is having it set nearish but there’s lots of difference between different areas of even just England! How do you feel about the ‘British feel’ of Infinite Sky?

(It sounds British, it does Chelsey!) Writers should realize what's essential to set the scene and give the sense, either of Britain or whatever is relevant... Description shouldn't involve just where something is placed. (and obviously Chelsey does know the area enough so that's the place in the UK it's set- you'll find out where!... And look at the map in the book for clues, she says!)

• Agreed! But I've been kind of vague there so simple- umm, maybe it's not but it's not going to be vague, it's got to be to the point *evil laugh*- describe your book, Infinite Sky, in 10 words or less if you can.
Infinite Sky is a tragic story about loyalty and prejudice.

• Woo, bang on ten! Because I totally haven’t been nosy enough myself, I’m asking a question which one of my Twitter bloggy friends (I think you said hi so this shouldn't be comfort-zone invading!) suggested, can you describe your average day with writing & stuff like that?
A very good average day = 2 hrs writing, 1 hr social networking, 1 or 2 hrs reading, then emails, another 2 hrs writing/editing, then fun.

• Talking about your comfort zone, what  is the hardest part of {a book} to write? Is there something you really, really hate to do?

Ending is hardest, for me. I do edit as I go along... It does waste time! (She also said the annoying thing, the thing she hates to do- but it has to be done & is the curse of editing- is delete whole sections which trailed off in the wrong direction... I don't remember the words :P The best bits- and I did write this down, these are the words- are the) Lasagne Chapters... They were good, but you won't know until you've read it.

• Ooh, now I really have to ask! You said you like writing fictional brothers, have you written a lot & are they ever based on your brother or does he think they are? Is it scary thinking he might be like, “This is me O.o.”

Sam started off based on my brother but now isn't recognizable as him... Sam went off on his own! I do like to write fictional brothers but my brother says he hasn't read them so I don't know what he thinks.

Quicker Fire: 
These lead into a bit of a debate some of the time as well, but... umm, off the record completely maybe? :P
• Which character (if any) is most like you?

• Is there an issue/topic you would like to see more of in YA? Why?
More diversity; especially when its ordinary but non-white protag & it’s not about race. (We did discuss how critism can still exist and it can be regarded as tokenism, all of which you & I could discuss, it didn't need to be recorded!)

• Also pick your side: Real life worlds, fictional film/TV worlds or bookish ones?
Bookish ones!

• Thoughts on bookish world into a film world (for Infinite Sky)?
Books into films is an absolute dream!... I would sit in on things; not insist on control. (Then I asked a sneaky follow-up) Readers could sit in on auditions, it’s a great idea to involve readers & give them that opportunity (Ooh, I know it is!)

• Plotter or a Panster?

• Sad books or funny books?
Would love to write funny but prefer sad (like most of us Chelsey likes a mix but would I let her just say she’d want a book with a mix on the record? Hehe!)

That leads nicely onto the True or False (siding clear- well clearer as highlighted is Chelsey’s choice):

Your own books are closer to sad than funny. True/False
You prefer the hardcover edition cover of Infinite Sky to the paperback. True/False/Can’t say (only allowed one of those!)
You use your real name (well... ish). True/False
This is because of the short stories written under Chelsey Flood, not ambiguity- Young Adult gets have a different pen, but it’s real all the same!
You've had to do research for at least one of your novels instead of just writing what you know. True/False
You tend to write quite slow-paced novels. True/False
 Your characters end up leading the novel to places you hadn't predicted... True/False
You prefer hotter temperatures, maybe with a breeze, to cold still air. True/False
You now are OK with Umbrellas. True/False
Twitter beats the Facebook True/False

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