July 13, 2013

Reviewing... [32] Noble Conflict

Now. may I just say I am shocked that some people have never read any Malorie Blackman! Heck, she's not my 'idol'. Some people idolize her but I definitely have some contrasting opinions to her so there's no way she could be. I don't want to be an author but if I did maybe Malorie would inspire me! She writes a total range and that's why I hosted a month for her a while back... In other words, I adore most of her books & most of her as a person. I have my niggles but I can't really think of any niggles with this book... I had a feeling I would but I was WRONG! My wariness was totally unfounded :P Anyway why am I mentioning an event I had the pleasure of doing several months back? Beecccaauusee, I'm now 6 months old (by that I mean Amy Bookworm, blogger of books and not other assorted junk she blogged about before this blog). It's been a whirlwind since that calm pre-Easter!... There's been ups & downs which is what you often find in her books. As well, I'm typing this to show you the contrast between this reading & that month! For Malorie Blackman month my average rating was 4 stars (this isn't far of her goodreads average of 4.08), now guess what Amy Bookworm is rating Noble Conflict?

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated this book: 

Ah, it's all in the wrong order... Wait, there's a right order? Maybe you just want the review now... Not just rambles & ratings?

Reviewing... [32]

Source: Giveaway (so, I know... I could've reviewed it earlier but I wanted to wait til' nearer pub date so I was reading it at the same time as most others but still early on, it kinda worked but due to the release moving forward a month there was a bit of panicking) from publishers.
Author: Malorie Blackman 

Recommended for: LIKE EVERYONE. Especially Zoe @ Bookhi Blog! (Just so you know, she actually knows she has to read it. But you're not off the hook, read it!

ASDYEJIUZTHGO (you can't call that not spazzing out on the keyboard, fellow fangirls). SO MUCH ACTION. I think I'm going to die because I'm a total civilian just sitting, not even in alcove's like cool people, reading & being protected while some cool people (JUST CHARACTERS, YOU SAY? HOW DARE YOU!) kick butt. Also, Kaspar- cool person for sure- gets his butt handed to him a lot. But I love him. It's sort of similar to how I feel about Charlie from Perks. Kaspar is so raw and not book boyfriend material in my opinion. You can fangirl about how awesome he is but I wouldn't say it's a good idea to hunt him down like a stalker & force him to marry you! I wouldn't apply to marry him in any way whatsoever. I'm sorry Kaspar, you can be my brother if you like? You're probably smarter than Charlie and braver than my real brother! As for me... Well, this isn't a comparison to me and...
I need to turn this into a review, don't I? Not just get my emotions out like somebody crazier than a stalkerish fangirl (which I am not most of the time)! :O

IT's because I'm sad... and my cat didn't appreciate this. I need hugs!
So, things I did like (because I don't want to talk about why I clung to my cat like I was drowning...):
I loved the way it was written in a way very much reminiscent of a teenage boy, it was in third person but apart from that it was like being spoken too. No, better than that. I could visualize it really well and feel it ALL. Every last thing. WHICH HURT. I don't want to hurt but I loved Noble Conflict, pains & gains!
It's so realistic, Blackman was trying to shock me & touch my heart... You've figured out it worked, no doubt. Why are the themes so tangible? It racks you with not just feels but deep thoughts. Yes, they eat at you. And you will have to eat the book to sustain yourself (I did try to but then you're so busy and you're tweeting as well... This book took me like 3 weeks, it was amazing & I wish I could have devoured it faster).
Unlike for some, there wasn't a point at which I was reading it faster except when I just had time & wanted to read as well. I thought it all went really well & no part appeals to me more. I remember certain bits more but I can't label them & I don't want to go all spoilery because then YOU might be crying before you've even turned the first page!
It's of a really high standard & I can't think of words to describe it... Apart from maybe it's a parabola? Yes, that's perfect (why don't I mention Maths as well to make this the worst review ever written?... I know why I am, there's things other than books!) There's ups & there's downs. As soon as you would think the Noble Conflict might be calming down it just shoots in the other direction. It yo-yo's, it doesn't just have twists. Twists doesn't describe much...

I also loved Mac and I loved Rhea. I spent most of the book thinking I liked Rhea more just because of the mystery around her & the way she was sensitive & thoughtful in a way I haven't seen much. She was as a girl in a Dystopian should be, brave but not stupid, a bit impulsive but reasoning and definitely intriguing... However, there's nothing like an image of a purple-haired phoenix rising up in a Dystopian & be such a symbol for the other side of girls (I don't know what I mean by other side). Between them both they've got all the bases covered... And probably all of Kas covered, as Mac would say.
You probably think I'm saying there's a love triangle but I wouldn't call it that... There was a smidgen of romance but it was too small for anything to flourish into love & turn into a triangle! I know Kaspar adored both but it wasn't empathized too much & it didn't seem like the lust that is in so many books! There was a sweet gentleness to it & I think it's probably one of my favourite parts just because not a lot of the book was gentle or calm. Sure, it built up well & definitely was more crazy at the end but all of it I felt was just AMAZING. Everything (I stand by my word, don't I?).
If this isn't enough for you, think about the best book you know where the world seemed properly built specifically because there were historical texts and stuff. Before, this was Delirium. The use of articles written by the High Council were similar to letters and things like that which have been dotted between chapters in very few books. It's always a great addition! I was extremely interested in the society itself and my mixed feelings for it ended up defined... I have no mixed feelings now but the fact that I did tells you something... Isn't Dystopia about hating the society? Wow, I really hadn't thought about that!
I think this will be a hit. Just you wait- there will be hype. Well, there should be. I don't want Blackman's Noughts & Crosses to steal the thunder when this, and others of her publications, has so much going for it...

Enjoy reading guys! Don't forget to add this to your Goodreads TBR and if you like check out my Malorie Blackman Month posts!


Anonymous said...

Wow, 5 sticky notes? An interesting premise too? Definitely something I need to check out! :D

Anonymous said...

another great review, Amy. I'll check this out :)

Ruby :) said...

"It racks you with not just feels but deep thoughts."

Right, I need this book! My local indie bookshop has signed copies of it, so I might just nip down there to get it! :)) Great review and I love your writing style! (Not to forget your choice of gifs)! :D

Happy reading!

AwesomeAmy said...

@Ana: 5 sticky notes... I then proceeded to give two more books five as well! Hmm... July's been good to me :D Has July been good to you? Thanks for stopping by (:
@Sharon: Awesome! I'm glad you think so, much appreciate it! (:
@Ruby: EEEE, I <3 your comment love :D You DO need this book when you can get a signed copy... Get it! I don't think there's indie stores near me, huh... Ha, my writing style is a bit... eccentric? Thanks so much, it's really nice of you (: Enjoy reading yourself!

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