July 18, 2013

Reviewing... [33]: Young Moon

Luca & Jacob wondered if there were any good looking women on it... What do I even say? I know how to respond to the 'short' bit *salutes* Let me set the scene of my Tuesday this week guys... Sports Day. Watching the sand fly up as the boys careered across the pit after doing a triple jump, waiting for the long jump, unaware of the fate she's walking into Amy Bookworm smiles, taking a sip of water & psyching up... to come last. Well, 10th out of 12 (and 2 didn't even get any jumps). I had one foul out of three... I'm at least blaming it partly on my height, OK?
Anyway, the funny thing is my friends decided the reason I'd done not very well was because I was a fairy. Well, they said I looked cute to which I repeated, 'CUTE?'.
'Yes, like a fairy.' So thanks, Luca. You're not the only one calling me cute, my friends do. In a sort of naff 'you're a fairy' and a 'you can't punch to save your life' way :P
Have some good looking books, boys. If they are short, I don't dare (these books are short).
The Young Moon is the second book of The Sky Song Trilogy, I wonder if you want to check out my Sky Song review first? Especially if you haven't read Young Moon (well, this won't contain spoilers for Young Moon!) or Sky Song yet.

Reviewing... [33]

Source: Received for review.Author: Sharon SantRecommended for: Well, if you looked at this tour & thought it looked interesting WHY are you asking me who? YOU.

Where do I even begin? I love these books, the Sky Song Trilogy is not littered with errors of any kind. I don't think, 'THIS IS UNNECESSARY' or 'How dare there be a misspelling?' or anything along those lines & well, that can't be overlooked. It kind of has some twists but I would say they only keep you on the edge of your seat, you shouldn't fall of it. If you do, well... Plaster?
I also can't overlook Ellen. She was much more of a main character, shall I say, in the previous novel but now I've realized she can be called an independent heroine. I said, and I'm concerned but sort of OK with that, she's like Hermoine in some ways. I'm saying it again in The Young Moon review... BUT why do I like her so much? Is it because she's like in a trio, Luca definitely isn't a third wheel but I'm sort of glad she's there for Jacob, he relies on her... And Luca. OK, Jacob relies on everybody. He says it himself.
Seriously, I didn't think the love triangle would be properly resolved as they are great guys and neither of them are the right option. It’s hard to see which one you root for (by this I don’t mean distracts you). Hey... There’s a good point! Neither are just worth a chapter’s worth (or a stretched out novel) as a plot device, they are worth being part of the trilogy and the novel which doesn’t evolve round love. It’s about destiny. The destiny which has been carried out for two years, the honeymoon period... Love ‘em, hate ‘em, you know Jacob's got one. "things really had moved on in Jacob’s absence. (Kindle Locations 241)." And his is pretty darn complex- it involves a certain somebody who is kickass and it seems good that she is portrayed as reckless, hard, antisocial and so on... Things that boys in fiction are often seen to be, but Sharon's boys are not jerks. No, in fact I'd say Jacob is too thoughtful, he turns a bit paternal. He cares for his parents so much as a horrible situation is presented to him. It is so well etwined and so realistic. This book. Just. YES.
He's definitely maturing and making mistakes- like seriously! At some points I just wanted to shake him. BAD, BAD BOY.
Obviously, he can't do everything right but was he always so... impulsive? Well, suppose some obstacles you just have to attack with a massive "YOLO". He has so many obstacles. Oh, almost tears. Why did I say that? For Astreans it's so much more and he may just want to turn his back... He's one half of a young moon, surely the other one will have his home planet's back? The least he can have is a romance. How much of one? OK, not a lot. Luca's ridin' solo also, they are just bros working together through the sadness, through the joy... They are just so real.
Overall, I totally loved this follow-up. I cannot believe how it all came together & then just... cliffhanger. It wasn't the worst cliffhanger I'm sure, it helps that Not Of Our Sky is out... Hmm, you should really read all three.

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