July 20, 2013

Reviewing... [34] Infinite Sky

Seriously, I told Chelsey she should keep writing, always. I MEAN IT.

Reviewing... [34]

Source: British Book Challenge prizeAuthor: C.J. FloodRecommended for: Summer days (total twist there!)

I smiled so much during Infinite Sky, a mix of happy and sad smiles. The types of smiles which all blur together, you don't know if you might get RSI from a repetition of the same facial expression (is that possible?) I just adore this book, I can't even explain the pleasant feeling I get when I reflect back on this book. It didn't really make me sad as it even know feels nothing like a story about death. That's there but I think it's as a contrast to the life that flows through the pages. Infinite Sky is a refreshing coming-of-age story. Now I know what you think I mean by refreshing... There's many parts to this, though. This book is special, it's so different. I knew this wasn't a book about a normal Summer but I knew it would be about Summer, I'd picked up the words 'Tunisia' & 'fields of corn' before reading and I'll tell you the latter is way more significant to Infinite Sky. It added to the atmosphericness (woo, new word I think!) of Infinite Sky. You know when you read a book & you just want to hunt down the scene yourself? I felt like that (but am not in the right part of England really). I think it would be amazing to just have the spacial, and naturist, awareness that Iris does. I love her Dad for teaching her about so much of nature and I just love the security the cornfields seem to provide. They sound lovely and better than any tourist hot spot. I'd rather have a romance in a hilly golden wilderness than the, in comparison, urbanized Paris! I just love the setting (which I actually don't say a lot), I hate the idea that there's a Winter and the corn fields have to be harvested. Farmers, just leave Iris' corn alone! The Winter is what made the STUPID Mother go away. She's just stupid, I can't even explain it. Her actions were fairly rash and she's not the most reasonable person. Sure, Iris loves her; I don't have to.
I have to admit that- and I won't spoil it- I didn't know who would die. I kept flicking between and one point I had convinced myself that almost anyone could kill anyone. There were options which would've upset me and others which I could brush off. I won't tell you anymore than that...
I do love how Chelsey writes about the travellers, including Trick. He is so loveable & I feel sorry for him so often as well. Sam, her brother, and her father as well had issues & they were so realistic too. Sam is nothing like my brother but I love how he was written (I think I thought about him as being 'invented' too much...), he has his issues but he has love and understanding for Iris a fair amount too.
Trick has the most understanding though. Their relationship is amazing and I love Iris' approach to the whole thing, it was good how she'd reflect on what he was saying and she actually acted like a reasonable teen. She might be at the younger end but so what? She actually acts like a very normal person, she reflects and she isn't as shallow as a flick of paint! She's just the right amount of naive, she figures things out although she won't have done so in an instant.
The book is such a delight and I love it so!

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Jack Dwyer said...

Infinite Sky looks AMAZING! I have to get my hands on it soon!greta review Amy :D

Trish Hannon said...

Sounds great Amy! I will definitely check it out. Love a book that makes me smile so I'll take a chance on the risk of an RSI from it!

AwesomeAmy said...

@Jack: Thank you for this comment as well ;) I know you won't know I've replied for a while (away for two weeks, why...?) but oh well! I have a duty to respond to comments as I love them so... especially when they are from irish people who like my reviews ;) Get your hands on it then, you will not regret it! XD

@Trish: As I said to Jack, irish comments rock? Wait, does that sound weird? Well, you know weird... Offering cups of tea only to be turned against because of that! Definitely seen you around ;) Thanks again for stopping by, its a fantastic book... Any RSI you get will be worth it!

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