July 08, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly meme hosted by Book Journey
I decided I'd post this meme as I've been so absent and I want you to know it hasn't all gone wrong... I might act like it has but I'm still a blogger, no chickens included, with a head. So, you haven't really heard from me as much as you should've or would've. Obviously most of the Indie Self-Published Event went to plan, but not the last week & with one week of chaos in July gone I want to see if I can have the rest better planned and calmer. So, I'm letting you know the simplest things I can and you'll know I'm alright ;)
I basically read 5 books during June, Runners & Tethers were not reviewed.

Now on to the less basic...
            Last week I read...

Teaser quote: 
"... don't make for a safe world. Just the opposite. Books and knowledge are facets of the truth and the truth can be very dangerous," Mac argued. "You of all people should know that!"

Now I am currently reading...

Infinite Sky by C.J. Flood 
Teaser quote (from blurb):
"...the same question flails around my head, like a hawkmoth round a light-bulb: Is it possible to keep loving somebody when they kill someone you love?”

(You may have seen on Twitter that the reason I'm reading it is because I'm going to meet her! If you have any questions you'd like to know the authors to please tweet me them, leave them in the comments below... or something else before Tuesday, when I get to say hi & interrogate the poor woman face-to-face :P)

What might I delve into next?

Young Moon by Sharon Sant
Teaser quote (from Goodreads quotes):
Fiction Addiction Book Tours“Jacob glanced across at the woman. 'She'd have you for breakfast, mate.'
'Yeah,' Luca countered, 'maybe I want to be had for breakfast.”

For the Sky Song tour I get to review Young Moon so I shall definitely be reading this soon...

And... Flip (I'm meeting Beford but not in the same regard) |  The Truth About Celia Frost (library book)
| Disconnect (was an ecopy freebie a while ago...) |

These'll last me more than a week all the books, authors & stuff! Now all I need is to be patient & share this computer nicely as well... What have you got coming up that I should know about? Certain books, reviews tours, authors you're meeting...? Share them all & know that reviews WILL be coming.
Promise (one from Amy Bookworm)!


Pink Lady 631 said...

Your so lucky to be meeting the author of "Infinte Sky", it sounds like a novel I would love! Thanks to our wonderful conversations... I'm pretty much addicted to Twitter and it's only been 3 days. I'm currently reading The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey and This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E Smith. Happy Reading Amy :)

- Sunny A Sunny Spot Blog

Trish Hannon said...

Looking forward to your Tethers review when you get to it. I have fallen behind too and still have to write it. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Read The Young Moon! I'm so in love with the new cover for it. :D Happy reading, Amy!

Jack Dwyer said...

Want to get my hands on Noble Conflict, but I want to read 0&X's first ;) Lucky you, meeting the author of Infinite Sky, it looks like a great read! Glad everything hasn't gone wrong! I was worried there ;P

AwesomeAmy said...

@Sunny: I know it's luck! I always knew nosy Mum's were good for something :P It's one of the reasons you should share your readings, with the whole blogosphere & your Mother! :P I hope you manage to get Infinite Sky! (: Enjoy reading & thanks for popping in <3

@Trish: Well, my Tethers review was done with Rita @ Weaving Pages, it won't be posted here but at Once Upon A Series soon! I'll let you know when it's up. I would've asked you if I thought you had time but you probably have an order of priorities & a post not even posted at your own blog probably isn't one of the top ones but thanks for stopping by :P

@Anahera: The Young Moon cover made me actually like the new Sky Song one- before I was just like, 'OLD COVER COME BACK!'. Both the Young Moon covers are fab though! I'm reading Young Moon now & am happily reading (well, not at this exact moment). Thanks, enjoy reading yourself!

@Jack: I can understand that. I've read so much Malorie Blackman, it's crazy! Did you like my review of Noble Conflict? Hope it made you even more willing to read at least SOME books by her XD Making you guys worry... it's a little hobby of mine Jack :P Infinite Sky & Chelsey Flood were fantastic! Interview to follow soon, I promise (: As soon as I start Flip I'll let you know... Thanks for commenting!

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