July 29, 2013

Reviewing... [36] The Truth about Celia Frost

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More details are to follow, but I'd just like to share with you how this review came about... It came about during a special Twitter event hosted by myself, Charli @ To Another World & Sophie @ A Day Dreamer's World! It was our trial day as Sophie adequately explained but it won't be the last of its kind... We'll keep you posted on Twitter and you'll see it around so watch our online spaces! You can drop in at any point during the day for any space of time...
I was going to do this as another audio review (remember my first ever review? Probably not... GO FETCH!... lol) as I thought this would make my participation in review party even more fun but then I realized it'd be awful with being distracted by tweets & what have I got to prove? Besides I don't always sound ridiculous... Well, I'll tell you now. I'd have rambled more than I did in the below review so not a good idea... Especially not if I start replying to tweets but voicing my thoughts... You don't want to hear that, you just want to (hopefully) enjoy this review (oh, and come to August's #reviewparty)!

Reviewing... [36]

Source: Library
Author: Paula Rawsthorne 
Recommended for: Anyone that likes books that are a little "gritty".

I decided to pick up The Truth about Celia Frost as it sounded really different to most YA's & I haven't read anything like this for a long time... I'm interested in books which involve illnesses/disorders for some strange reason and this book captured my attention when it mentioned that Celia has lived her life in fear of a rare disorder which could kill her... just after the slightest cut. I wondered what risks she'd encounter & how her blood wouldn't clot... I was just very intrigued by this book, it sounded less gritty than it was... But now I know what people mean when they say that UKYA is often grittier than you'd expect! This book was an example of that, anyway.
The Truth About Celia Frost is not what you'd expect; we hear it from both herself and Frankie, as the book has a split perspective. FBI is a private investigator exploring a dodgy case, it begins the moment that the book begins when Celia has to move, with her mother, Janice... Why are they always on the move?
This is what I wondered and Frankie began to put the pieces together, Celia began to develop & turn into a completely different person, but still one that I understood & empathized with. I really did empathize with her...
What? No! This can't be happening... (I'm talking about during the book, not the fact I can empathize!)
Well, it is happening. Oh, characters! You poor little things, you have no idea... There's just so much mystery and I'm in awe of how it can be such a thrilling novel... I know it's partly because we hear from Frankie and Celia whose lives are very much entwined by a plausible lie. Are their lies; little white ones? You know there's a massive deal with Celia's blood but that's about all you should be SURE of. You'll kind yourself hooked as (I'm sorry this sounds cliched) the plot thickens, eeeek! I love the fast pace and was actually devouring this quicker than I thought I could... I genuinely became a fast reader for this book, it was kind of necessary otherwise how the hell would I find out what happens (don't say Twitter O.o)? I read it in 2 sittings I believe... Yeah, that's how fantastic it was! Now I really wish it was possible, and legal, to actually glue an author to their computer, take away all their distractions (wait, would I be mean enough to ban someone from Twitter? I think not! Maybe I'll just stop Paula from sleeping...) until they've pumped out another credible novel...
Have I ever mentioned what a nice blogger I am? Well, I'm being nice to this book... Well, actually, as it deserves it I'm probably being harsh & mean again. This is a clever tale which is so unique. You won't read a book like it again, so read this & treasure the experience- especially when you're sitting on the edge of your seat, turning pages as fast as humanly possible...
I am saying she should write a separate next book as this book... It's fabulous and... well, second books are peculiar. There's no way even Rawsthorne could write an equally excellent sequel... Just no. A sequel isn't necessary as much as I love these characters so...
A friendship begins between Celia & Sol, neighbourhood boy, and I was just smiling so much :') It's so nice to see friendships between boys & girls... Especially as, believe me, its the first friendship Celia has properly had. Sol doesn't think she's a freak and believe me, she's definitely not quite a freak anymore... That's all I'm saying (evil smile returns!) What will you think of Celia's changing relationships, I wonder? It's a fantastic element to the amazing novel is what I can reveal.
OK, mainly that one... I don't understand how the relationship between Celia & her mother can be as it is... It seems a bit extreme but it did improve thankfully and I felt that this enabled them to both be happier than they were at the beginning. Remember, it isn't just Celia that's unhappy in the beginning... Happier...? But how happy? What am I implying? Who knows...?
It doesn't gradually become more & more obvious, you'll see. Your confusion will rise and rise and...-
I definitely thought I knew what would happen a few times but the majority of them I was proven wrong about... As I said, I might be being harsh to The Truth about Celia Frost, but its up for you to decide... I would recommend it to many. So, here you go!

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Kaitlin Snider said...

I do like YA books from the UK (and from Australia). They just have something different about them, which probably is that grittiness you mentioned. I LOVE gritty type books. They seem to have a bit of a . . . raw quality, I guess I should say? It makes those books stand out from the rest.

This book is being added to my to-read list. :)

Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

Great Review! This book is on my TBR because of you!! It seems great and this review has made me look forward to reading it even more! :D

AwesomeAmy said...

@Kaitlin: Aww, it's great to hear UKYA (or books generally from countries other than America) have support in America. You don't necessarily hear about these books much though! So, thank you for checking out my blog & review, I think you will like Celia Frost & you explained it perfectly! They do stand out so I'm glad you've decided to TBR this book! :D Hope you enjoyed the review party... We enjoyed having you participate, and specifically I enjoyed meeting you *hugs*

@Rita: I know it is, you sneaky thing ;) Want to steal more books of me? XD Naturally, we do hear about a lot of the same books- I love having someone who likes the same (roughly) books as me. It means your reviews are all the more valuable & I hope you find mine valuable enough too & you're not just feeling obliged or something ;) But DO look forward to reading it & thanks for stopping by again Rita :D

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