July 27, 2013

Liebster Award... (aka. Eleven Emerges).

Yikes! Amy Bookworm gets an award that has its German Origins again. Ironic considering the 'Deutsch Preis' I got at school. Well, first & foremost -
I was nominated a while ago by Snuggles w/ Rainbows (who blogged at Weebly, Blogger & Wordpress) but as I didn't respond due to a very recent nomination I missed my chance...
Since Megan @ TTP Book Blog sent me a nomination & this time I accepted!

11 Random Facts About Myself...
1. I currently have an obsession with Uno, it's really cutting into my reading time (like 1+ hours a day, at least)... Well, as it's holidays I can afford it more than usual!
2. I need to get into the Wii Fit again, I loved that thing!
3. I like Wii Fit because my hand-eye coordination is... well, temperamental. If it's raquet-type sports/eye I'm bound to fail... yet I'm pretty good at Rounders. Weird.
4. I'm currently starting my DofE Bronze! YAY.
5. I'm a cat person.
6. I'm a Twitter addict (umm... is now a good time to mention the 'Twitter Fiend' award category of the Bloggy Awards 2013! I'm so thankful for every nomination I received & if you feel so inclined, vote for me maybe when voting starts on Monday? I know I'm against people with way more followers, so I'm not expecting anything & I'm against Jack, which would be sad if he wasn't doing so well with another award which I bet he'll win).
7. I'm a member of #TeamFox, which is the first publisher to sent me REAL books. YAY!
8. I have Titian hair (that’s an artist BTW, google it...)
9. I am a child full of 'WOAH' apparently (I was born on a Wednesday).
10. I wear contact lenses on my green irises... quite a bit.
11. My freckles are possibly multiplying by 10% every week... It's highly likely.

Questions For Me!

1. What one person inspires you the most?
I can’t really idolize people :P I’m a Christian & I suppose anybody that’s in with that is a great! But y'know maybe the actual Dude himself, Jesus (and I'm allowed to call him that according to the Pastor :P)

2. What is your favorite book and why?
I always cheat on this one. It’s hard, OK! So I’ll tell you the one in the previous year that was my favourite. That’s Candor by Pam Bachorz! It’s a fab dystopia which somehow is crossed with utopia... sort of. I began GR in 2011 so who knows what I liked before that? XD

3. If you could be any character from a book you've read, who would it be and why?
I have no clue. Absolutely none. OK... maybe Anna in The Twisted Symmetry. I can’t tell you why though, it’s a spoiler!

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Dog-earing pages. Don’t, OK?

5. When you picture the perfect Saturday afternoon, what are you doing that makes it perfect?
Having attention paid to me by my cat, hopefully reading...

6. What is one thing you can't leave the house without?
Hand sanitizer. OK, I have left the house without it but I regret it every time.

7. What is your worst vice?
Procrast – oh wait, is that a new tweet?

8. How did you get into blogging?
My story (it isn’t versatile):
I was inspired by Vlogging. I don’t mean I vlogged but I used to watch just vloggers until I stopped off at booktubers (yes, vloggers but bookish ones who basically video what I blog now). Lots had goodreads & I’d been a referral from google many a time. I always googled bookish things and it’d direct me there even for quotes! I didn’t realize much about it until I signed up, followed these vloggers, started reviewing, doing other stuff & ended up finding out about the non-video equivalent. I liked those reviews too and the blogs were a good idea so... hey, presto! I wish I could say a certain blogger did but really it was a journey which took months & eventually I blogged myself, not understanding quite the size of the community just knowing that I’d seen some pop up here & there. Now I know the truth ;)

9. What is one random thing most people don't know about you?
Surely they didn't know all of the above beforehand?

10. What's your favorite book genre and why?
UKYA *jazz hands* Well, a mix of contemporary, paranormal & dystopian mainly. I like Fantasy, Action & a snippet of romance as well...

11. Which Dystopian society would you rather live in: Divergent, Hunger Games or 1984 and why. (if you haven't read any of these, tell me from what you have read, which society you'd choose?
I’ve only read The Hunger Games so I’ll go with that ;)
For The People I've Nominated:

Also create your own questions for your nominees!
1. Love triangles or not?
2. What foreign languages do you speak?
3. Favourite type of music?
4. What is your favourite book with a movie adaptation? And why?
5. Have you experienced any occupational hazards in being a book blogger? If so, what?
6. Do you ever smell books? If not, is it because you prefer digital books?
7. Hardcover or paperback?
8. A book you didn’t finish...?
9. How do you order your bookshelves/bookcase(s)?
10. Favourite short story/novella?
11. Do you count these in your books read total?

OK, I know you're supposed to nominate 11 but when I last did that, one or two ONLY responded.
Anyway, today I am nominating (the only ones I can think of who I believe accept awards, haven't recieved this award or haven't got over 200 followers; I also haven't nominated them before!)...
Rita @ Weaving Pages
Charli @ To Another World

If you are eligible and want to be nominated, contact me & I'll add you!
Have a great day all & hope you didn't mind this post... :P


Jack Dwyer said...

Woo! Go Amy! Wow, I never knew any of this about you, except that your a Twitter Fiend, of course! Yay, we're bother part of Team Fox! Great post, and congrats on the award! :)

AwesomeAmy said...

*responds to about a million comments from Jack... See previous here.
I'm glad you're cheering me on, Jack. Hehe, I tried to reveal lots & lots about me... Just no pictures, not that you need any ;) I have stalkers... I think we know who *coughs* Hawwa *coughs*. Team Fox is awesome & I'm so glad I get to be part of their team! I think you got nominated for this award as well, Jack? By Erika or Charli, I believe? *confused*

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